May 3 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Mercury, Moon .

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 3 Birthday interpretation.

The energy of the May 3 Taurus birth date is exceptionally forceful.

With this quality inherent within them, people born this date are instantly recognizable as individuals with the potential for leadership and authority.

The planet of Jupiter holds quite a strong influence over this birth date of May 3, and as result, that influence provides for a very benevolent and inherently cheerful type of person who is endowed with an enormous amount of charm, and an extremely good-natured personality.

The May 3 is the type of person whose methods and ways of accomplishing things is quite often at a slower rate of pace than others.

Having said that however, the May 3 is generally far more thorough and responsible when it comes to getting a job done right.

As a May 3, you have an excellent quality of observation of others, and in particular, you will very quickly see and identify when someone is likely to make a mistake or an error and, especially so, where such error is made through that of a faulty judgment or the mishandling of financial resources.

The activity of a slow but steady growth is far more comfortable to the May 3 than that of the promise of wealth and success that is achieved by the taking of exceptional risks. Where you continue to proceed at your own pace, then you will discover your own level of success.

While the May 3 will take great enjoyment in expending considerable effort in order to achieve an objective, they seem to do so without ever appearing to suffer undue strain or tenseness.

As a May 3 Birth date, you are endowed with, and project, an exceptional sensual and erotic energy to the extent that it can easily be sensed and picked up by others.

You are sensitive to perfumes and scents and far more so, than by any visual motivation. As result therefore, the perfect way to quickly attract a May 3 member of the opposite sex is to use a heavy musk-based scent.

The sign of Taurus rules over the throat, and the May 3 in particular may have quite a singing talent. Always endeavor to keep your throat protected, especially during the colder seasons of the year.  A pale blue silk or soft wool scarf can be an excellent choice.

The best colors for the May 3 to wear when you want to emphasize the leadership quality of your nature are red and a greenish yellow. You might like to consider wearing a ring in these colors on your third finger.

The color of teal is a color to bring out your best qualities and the colors of light yellow, pastel orange and aquamarine are in match with your May 3 birth date.

The minerals of Chrysocolla (hydrated copper silicate) and amazonite are gemstones that will help you to gather up the forces of your mental energies.

On the Home front, absolute comfort is the inherent desire of the May 3.

A joint open kitchen come family room provides for a great place and area in which entertain.

A central cooking presentation area, and some hanging copper cookware will help to with create the image of warmth and as a gathering place around which you can both socialize and prepare meals. Some dried herbs, wreaths of peppers, dried fruit, and dried flowers will complete the picture.

The Butterfly has an association to your birth date so you might like to include some representation of it somewhere in your home. This might take the form some embroidered towels or a wallpaper feature.

May 3 also would benefit from potpourri but let the scent be sweet though not overpowering. Vanilla is a good scent.

Outdoors, May 3 should have a summer lilac (buddleia) or butterfly bush in the garden. As you stroll outside, seeing the butterflies drinking nectar from this bush offers a feeling of abundance and peace.

Endeavor to include some form of water piece in your garden. This could take the form of tabletop type fountain, an indoor rock garden or, you might like to install a small lily pond for example.

If your outdoor area is limited or you live in an apartment then consider some flowerpots or window boxes in which to house your flowers or plants from which you will gain the pleasure of watching grow and mature. Daises are flowers that generally appeal to those of the May 3 birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 7.

The third day of the fifth month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents the ebbing and flowing of equal and opposite energies.

This is a path of using your energies in practical ways and seeking out constructive uses in even the most ordinary circumstances. In other words you are asked to capitalize on whatever resources that you find that you have available.

The 124th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven contributes the influence of a rest period between the ever-moving cycles in your life.