May 29 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features

There are values associated with this May 29 Gemini birth date that indicate a tendency to live life in the fast lane, and particularly so, where work is concerned.

You need to remember that constant activity with no time for relaxation is not the best formula in life. So endeavor to take time of to smell the roses.

Keep a vase of fresh pale lemon flowers within sight, as their presence will not only help you relax but also help to keep your work activities in an organized manner.

There is the sense of impeccable readiness, alertness, and preparation inherent in the nature of those of the May 29 birth date.

As example, think in the terms of an accomplished warrior prepared for battle, or of a concert pianist at that moment just prior to a critical performance.

The May 29 birth date identifies with that of achieving a harmonious relationship between that which is real and the ideal.

With your relatively intellectual outlook many of your concepts and ideas are original and creative. However, if you delay and leave things hanging in the air then your concepts, ideas and perceptions can result in little practical benefit.

You would be wise therefore to cultivate relationships with friends and associates who are of a more practical outlook, as such associations can result in an excellent balance to your more intellectual nature.

As a May 29 birth date you could gain a great deal personally from working and involving yourself with the earth. As example, sculpting with clay, Gardening or, evening taking up cooking as a pastime can be of benefit and enhance your general outlook on life.

The May 29 birth date also suggests an inherent highly defined sense of justice and fairness.

This is a quality that can be much appreciated by those around you, and you can often be called on to act as a mediator when conflicts and problems arise.

In order to enhance this particular quality of your personality when needed, consider wearing something in very pale green.

Those people of the May 29 birth date have two distinctive sides to their character. On the one side a personality that is charming and political, and on the other, one that is can be sensitive, somewhat rash and ready for a dispute or quarrel.

This dualism of your Gemini nature can be balanced by reminding yourself that you do have a right act in your own interest.

The May 29 has commercial skills and, even if they are not actively engaged in any activities of a business nature, they are very likely to be meticulous in the recording and filing of their personal records and financial affairs.

The May 29 generally has a great sense of humor, and in this respect, they have a reputation for playing tricks and pranks upon those around them.

Such activities might take the form of the forwarding and on forwarding by E-mail of jokes and other comical such items for example.

One of the values associated with this birth date relates to the ideas of poverty and the exclusion from society. This does not infer that you are likely to become destitute however.

It does suggest and identify that you can have a great consideration and compassion for those who are dispossessed and disadvantaged within your community.

In relation to this aspect of your make up you might like to consider trying some form of community voluntary work.

To enhance your need for relaxation and mental discipline consider taking up the study of a discipline like Tai Chi.

The minerals of Fluorite and citrine in gemstone form can help to assist you in focusing your energies.

For colors that relate well to the May 29, wear orange to help strengthen your resolve and purple for celebration. Silver, lime and grass green are further beneficial colors in tandem with your birth date.

On the home front, your décor should give the impression of a light and breezy effect and you might like to consider including some wind chimes on your patio or deck as these can provide a calming and settling effect.

Scents and smells can be stimulating for the May 29 so you might like to consider burning some cedar wood or other favorite essences to waft through the home. The effect of such essences can help to promote clarity of thought.

On the outdoors front, the May 29 is one who will derive great enjoyment from interesting visual structure whether man made or a creation of nature.

A garden that involves low maintenance will appeal to the May 29 and should include well-defined pathways with tidy flowerbeds

The color of yellow can be inspirational for the May 29 so you should consider including yellow flowers within your garden and outdoor environment.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 6.

The twenty-ninth day of the fifth month reduces to seven, and the number seven is that of victory and accomplishment.

The path of this day requires the self-discipline of a great athlete or musician, and bestows all the benefits of gaining that place in the scheme of things.

The 150th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six adds the element of beauty and balance. A much needed quality on this path of continual emergence from crisis. Strive for balance.