May 28 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features

One aspect attributable to this May 28 Gemini birth date identifies with a person who is often of two minds in relation to their emotional direction in life.

As a May 28, you are not the sort of person who will just go along with what other people may think, simply for the purposes of maintaining social harmony.

There are times when the May 28 can be somewhat argumentative just for the sake of being different and, not necessarily because they are right.

This tendency is one that should be treated with certain caution, because at times, such actions may well alienate the very people who are either close to, or with whom you wish to maintain good relationships.

The “fortune” card in the tarot has influence upon this May 28 birth date and it holds a connection with the concept of travel. In respect of this influence upon your life you should consider taking every opportunity that might arise to see more of the world.

When looking to plan a vacation activity you should favor one that encompasses the visiting of a range places rather than just spending all of your time in one place. As example, a cruise or a touring vacation.

The May 28 is endowed with the qualities of intelligence and logic and these are factors of your personality that are respected by others.

Diplomacy however, may not be one of your stronger points, so you should consider trying to cultivate this aspect of your character when delivering up your thoughts, opinions or advice.

When considering a partner in life, the May 28 will need the type of person who has an active mind. This will be in order to provide that can constant stimulation that the May 28 will need.

The emotional content of relationship is of considerable importance to the May 28 and you may find that this is where many of your lessons are learned.

The subjects of the sciences and technology can be of particular interest to the May 28 and as result, you are likely to enjoy journals, magazines and film programs devoted to subject of a specialized nature.

Your particular skill is centered upon an ability to easily project yourself into the minds of characters and imaginative situations. As result, some of your thoughts, ideas and literary creations can be quite impressive and dazzling.

There are aspects related to this birth date that suggest you can open the doorway to opportunity through the use of your superior intellect.

In order to focus these impressive powers of concentration, consider wearing a topaz stone incorporated into a neck chain or some other form of neck adornment around your neck.

By nature the May 28 is unlikely to accept a lesser reality when a greater outcome is possible.

As a May 28 your drive for a greater creative outlet will move you forward to an outcome of beauty and love, and helps advance the race forward in life as well.

Consider the lives of the great artists, scientists, and inventors, and identify how their particular individual contributions to this world influenced others.

In Roman mythology, Mercury was known not only as the messenger god, but also considered to be somewhat of a trickster. As result, the quick and darting mind of the May 28 can at times lead to mischief if one’s words are not checked.

The colors of lime green and tangerine are colors that will help to stimulate the creativity of the May 28.

Consider acquiring a piece of Snowflake obsidian. This is a form of obsidian that contains small white crystal impurities in the glass.

The end result is a beautiful black color with grayish white. This is a gemstone that can help to inspire you and to engender a feeling of harmony

On the home front, by nature you will tend to favor a home setting situated on a landscape with a slight incline with views looking out and down.

Light is important to you so your home should have as many window outlets as possible.

The in-home Décor should project a light and breezy effect and you might like to consider including some wind chimes on patio or deck.

These will provide a calming and settling effect under the influence of the gentle summer breezes.

With your May 28 love of clarity in life consider keeping some quality cut crystal in a visible position in a cabinet or, upon the dining room table for example.

An upright metal type chair positioned near a window could form a “focus corner,” and a place where you can sit to gather your thoughts and cultivate your creativity.

Because scents and smell are stimulating for the May 28 you might like to consider burning cedar wood or some other favorite essences to waft through the home as such scents can help you to promote clarity of thought.

On the outdoors front, the view of a lake settled with a peaceful valley and surrounded with by high hills or mountains would provide a perfect relaxation setting for those born on the May 28 birth date.

A low maintenance garden will appeal to the May 27 and should include well-defined pathways with tidy flowerbeds.

If possible, a swing or canopy topped swinging lounger sited in a shady area should be considered as a perfect place in which to relax and lay back on those nice summers days.

The color of yellow can be inspirational for the May 28 so you should consider including yellow flowers within your garden and outdoor environment.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 5.

The twenty-eighth day of the fifth month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of balanced polarities and the harmony of opposites.

The path of this day carries within it the lesson of positive and constructive self-assertiveness.

The 149th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five contributes a keen ability for adaptation, which is a critical quality to the process of this day.