May 27 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features

As a May 27 Gemini, as you have grown up and matured over the years, it is very likely that those around you will have noticed that during that process you showed signs of a wisdom that extended well beyond your years.

While not every Gemini who was born on this May 27 day will be endowed with a highly developed intellect, all of them generally tend to have a very wise outlook on life.

As a May 27 you should look to cultivate this valuable aspect of your character. One way to help doing so, could be by growing some of the sage herb within close proximity. In a pot or, a window box for example.

The May 27 birth date identifies with a person who prefers to view and consider the overall picture, rather than to concentrate upon the specifics.

There are aspects of this birth date that indicate one as having great virtue, and the repeated presence of this aspect tends to suggests that you should enjoy considerable success in just about most of the areas of your life.

You are by nature somewhat of a collector. However, unlike the collector of stamps or coins for example, the May 27 is one who will enjoy the collection and accumulation of information and life skills.

Others can look upon the May 27 as something of a walking encyclopedia, and can often become quite amazed at the extent of your overall knowledge. Especially when it can relate to unusual subjects or facts. As example, you are likely to excel when playing the games of scrabble and trivial Pursuit as they well suit with your nature and mind frame.

The May 27 is one, who by their very nature, prefers to go about learning things in their own way. It is likely therefore, that formal education could have been quite a challenge for you because you are repelled by studies and situations that force you to use your mind against your will.

Having said that however, the May 27 does have a natural adaptability for that which actually attracts them.

As a May 27 therefore you do have an excellent intellect, and with every possibility that you could be gifted when involved in the arenas of communication and languages.

You have an inherent desire to challenge the existing order of things, and with little in the way of demonstration or exposure, will charge forth on your own trail.

Another aspect related to this birth date is one of entering fully into relationship with other human beings.

This influence carries the understanding that the more that you interrelate and assimilate the experiences of others, then the more you become yourself.

The quality of travel can be important to the May 27, and as result you may well have a collection of foreign dictionaries and books of word phrases to carry with you on your travels.

Physical activity is good for you and you don’t have to be a serious athlete in order to keep fit and healthy.

Consider a mini trampoline in your home to bounce upon a few times a day or partake of some simple exercises.

Dancing could also be of particular appeal to the May 27. The action of keeping physically fit will enhance your daily outlook on like and keep you in good spirits.

Yellow is a particular color for you. It can help to increase your sense of personal self-reliance.

Consider acquiring and wearing a piece of the gemstone Chrysoberyl. This is a rare hard yellow green mineral consisting of beryllium aluminate in crystal form.

Other colors complementary with your May 27 birth date are those of Butterscotch and muted yellow.

On the home front, natural light is important to those of the May 26 birth date. As result you should look to having as many window outlets as possible with in your home environment.

Décor within the home should express a light and breezy effect in the manner for example, that air currents in a summer pass through the home.

Certain other influences related to those of this birth date suggest that you are a lover of all aspects of the dramatic. So, one way in order to cater to quality of your personality, consider decorating at least one of the rooms in your home with some very bold colors that provide a striking effect to the eye.

When relaxing in such a room its color environment should help to revitalize you and provide you with a more positive outlook to life.

In keeping with your love of clarity in life consider keeping some quality cut crystal visible within the home and some vases of yellow colored flowers will help influence an increase in your sense of self-confidence.

On the outdoors front, environment and ecological issues, and right, good and proper use for land are of importance to the May 27. You will appreciate and enjoy wandering through rural environments as a relaxing activity.

The May 27 will certainly prefer a low-maintenance type of garden, and quite possibly, one that includes a small golf practicing range area.

The garden should include clean designed pathways with some secluded concealed area with a bench to sit on. If possible, a swing or canopy topped swinging lounger under a leafy tree as a place to lay back and relax on a nice summers day.

Since yellow is a color for you, then consider including some yellow flowers within the garden, plus some jasmine and hyacinths, as these particular plants complement well with your May 27 birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 4.

The twenty-seventh day of the fifth month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of adaptation and versatility.