May 26 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features

As a May 26 Gemini, you will be recognized by those around you as an individual who has a strong and forceful character. This characteristic is, in some part, due a relationship with the “strength” card in the tarot.

You are certainly not afraid to speak out and to stand your ground, when faced with a challenge.

Should you wish to re-enforce this quality of your personality you might like to consider wearing a jewellery piece that incorporates an image of a lion in its design.

At some variance with others of your Gemini sign, the May 26 is not one who is likely to be totally satisfied with knowledge purely for its own sake.

The May 26 is a very practical type of individual who will desire and seek to gain benefit, both socially and financially, from the things that they learn in life.

As a May 26 birth date you are, by nature, a natural mediator and coordinator of others, both socially and work wise.

You have an inherent powerful talent for conversation and derive great enjoyment from the sharing of your ideas and insights with others.

Your path in life is to capitalize upon this gift through the establishment of friendships and the bringing, or uniting of people together for the mutual benefit of all.

Vocation wise, The May 26 is not the type of person who will relish sitting behind a desk all day. As result, they should seek a work environment that will allow them plenty of room for movement.

Communication is of importance to you and to satisfy this aspect of your personality your telephone, computer email and fax machine equipment should always be near to hand.

There are aspect associated with this birth date that identify with a strong leaning toward religious concerns, both traditional religion and religious structures. This can arise in some May 26’s in the form of a strong spiritually drive personality.

In the event that you not currently showing any interest in matters of a spiritual nature, then you might like to consider investigating the subject a little through the browsing of a few books of religious content. As a result, you might surprise yourself as to your ultimate interest in such matters.

There are some May 26 birth dates that will fall on a critical degree. This can indicate that a person can feel very strongly, the experiences of both the highs and lows in their life.

Your abilities of adaptability, resourcefulness and skillfulness will tend to attract attention toward you throughout your life.

Your May 26 basic attitude and outlook towards life could be described as quite free and breezy. In addition, the aspect of chance may play a large role in your attitude, viewpoints and thinking.

With your inherent interest in conversation and communication you are one who is likely to have a number of literary items about the home.

As example, magazines, newsletters, and even almanac.  Items on hand that you can call upon for mental refreshment and reference.

The fountain pen is an item that might be of particular interest to those of the May 26 birth date. It would not be unusual to find a collection of some rare or unusual fountain type pens within the home.

The art of Chinese calligraphy could also be a subject of interest to the May 26. Alternatively, your appreciation of such design art might be represented by way of monogram designs incorporated onto shirts, blouses, or other household items such as sheets and towels.

The color of orange, compliments well to your birth date. As result, you might like to consider incorporating representations of the color orange within your dress ware. Tangerine and gunmetal gray can also be of sound influence for you.

Consider incorporating the mineral gem items of tiger-eye and zircon within your possession as they can help to influence an expansion of your horizons.

On the home front your ideal location would be a home sited on slightly elevated ground and featuring a view toward the northeast.

Light should be an important feature to the May 26 so endeavor to have as many window areas as possible in your home.

A kitchen and cooking area that includes plenty of working space with a plentiful supply cupboards and storage facilities to satisfy for your tidy nature.

On the outdoors front, you will appreciate wandering through rural environments in order to think, contemplate and gather your ideas.

You might like to consider taking up hiking with others where you are free to alternate between times of silences on the one hand, and good conversation on the other.

In the garden, the May 26 will particularly appreciate a garden area that involves a low-maintenance. It should incorporate clean designed pathways with some hide-away areas with a table and benches.

Where possible, the motion of a swing or swinging lounger sited beneath a leafy tree can provide a perfect and relaxing environment for the May 26.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 3.

The twenty-sixth day of the fifth month reduces to four, and the number four is the number of order, reason, and the gaining of an understanding of that which is around you.

This path of this day is one of questioning both the heights as well as the depths of the possibilities that are available to you.

As result it requires a willingness to risk present security for the sake of that which you might achieve.

As example, take a leap of faith and play the stock market for fun, and by doing so exercise your speculative muscles.

The 147th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the influence of growth and development.

This quality enhances your sense of the receiving of returns on your investments and outlays in life.