May 24 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features

One aspect associated with this May 24 Gemini birth date is that of a “Peter Pan” type quality.

Peter Pan was the boy who never grew up and in this respect there is a part of those of this May 24 birth date that will never grow up.

It is this aspect of your character that provides you with a playful outlook and a strong sense of wonder in relation to life in general and its many mysteries.

This day of May 24 holds an association with “Magician” card of the tarot, a relationship that suggests a potential interest in the arts of illusion and mystery.

This could well be a subject in which might you take particular interest, and one in which you can find yourself very intrigued.

Those of the May 24 birth date are endowed with a wonderful sense of humor, they are quick to smile, are very witty, charming, versatile, and the type of people who are easy to get to know.

As result of these qualities, those around you can find you a very amusing and entertaining type person to have in their company.

The May 24 tends by nature to be a very busy and active type of individual, and although their inherent natural restlessness opens them up to numerous life experiences, it also makes it somewhat difficult for them to sit back, take it easy and to relax.

Their idea of a good time is going out shopping to buy a new outfit, off to see the latest film, dining at newest restaurant and then holding a small party with a group of interesting friends and, doing all of this during one day.

Your May 24 birth date may fall on what is termed a critical degree, under these circumstances; you can find that the experiences of both the highs and lows in life can have quite a strong affect upon you.

The May 24 birth date carries a pattern of responsiveness to the stimulation of the imaginative aspect of reality. As result, you should immerse yourself in the mysterious aspects of your imagination, and look to sharing your extraordinary visions with others.

You are likely to hold a particular interest in the cyclic rituals of the year and take enjoyment in participating in the symbols.

As example, the coloring of Easter eggs  at Easter, the sending out of valentine cards or the hanging of mistletoe at Christmas.

As a May 24 you are endowed with particular talents for that of observation and communication

Your mind is both accurate and poetic and this is a somewhat an unusual combination. As result, words and se1f-expression are important to you.

As example, the May 24 may take a particular interest in the collection of dictionaries in order to identify and understand the meanings of words.

This could extend through to that of foreign languages also, and a rhyming dictionary could also be of particular interest for you.

As a May 24 you are endowed with a restless character and will want to roam so consider keeping a recording method about you in order to maintain notes of interest.

Aspects of the May 24 birth date identify with a somewhat robust and athletic type of individual and especially so in respect of the quality of endurance.

As result, the May 24 is very likely to be a somewhat lusty sort of character by nature, and quite probably be looked upon as physically attractive by those around them.

Dress wise, you should consider wearing a gray or black outfit together with silver jewellery on those occasions when  you really want to increase your chances of success with a member of the opposite sex.

Other colors in tandem with the qualities of the May 24 birth date are dark blue, flat blue and a rust color.

The mineral gemstones of Carnelian and tourmaline can help to providing a comforting feeling to your general well being.

On the home front, the May 24 will enjoy a home environment that is tidy and well organized.

The kitchen and cooking area can be of particular importance to those of the May 24 birth date and you should endeavor to ensure that it is designed and laid out in a manner that is comfortable to you with generous working spaces and storage facilities.

To cater for the roaming potential of your nature you might like to consider keeping suitable travel pack about the home so that it is ever ready for when you decide to strike out and hit the road.

Alternatively, should travel not be your foremost consideration then your forte will be vested in that of new ideas and a restless pursuit of knowledge.

On the outdoors front, the May 24 needs a place to go to in order to walk and catch the breeze.

Consider taking up hiking or rock climbing, as this pursuit will increase your mental endurance as well as your physical strength.

In your garden flowers such a crocuses will appeal to you. The color of yellow can be of particular appeal to your nature and, should you wish to plant trees, then look to trees that express a particularly luxuriant effect.

Out side of your garden, a peaceful walk among the natural wildflowers of the woodland can be of particular appeal for you.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 10.

The twenty-fourth day of the fifth month reduces to two, and the number two represents that of reflection, duplication, and receptivity.

The 145th day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten adds the element of successful outcomes, engendering optimism to your receptivity. You should always expect the best.