May 21 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus/Gemini  


YOUR ELEMENT – Air, Earth.

YOUR RULERS – Venus, Mercury.

May 21 Birthday interpretation.

The May 21 Taurus birth date identifies with a person who will be very outgoing by nature and, have a pleasant sociable personality.

Others will enjoy this particular aspect of your nature because you have that inherent ability to generate a very real sense of warmth and understanding among your friends, and acquaintances.

You should, when meeting with new friends or acquaintances, consider wearing some form of silver wear to enhance this ability. A delicate piece of silver jewellery would suffice.

The May 21 birthday is a date that bridges two signs, and as result you have a basic outlook to life that is experimental by nature. This quality of your personality applies very much so when it comes to the field of communication. The May 21 has not only a powerful inherent desire to communicate, but also to communicate effectively to others

A particular disadvantage for those of the May 21 birth date, is that they can at times tend to recognize only the good side in others and, as result, can become some what disillusioned and disappointed when they discover others who are not as well intentioned as they appear to be.

As a May 21 birth date you will be one who holds a very protective outlook over your immediate family members and personal friends.

You are one who will seek to connect with everything and with everyone and, it is not unnatural for you to endeavor to be in many places at the same time. Take caution however in this respect, because you do have to learn how should prioritize your numerous activities in life.

If you fail to do so, then you will discover that you will become too diverse in your numerous activities and, as result, you will not have the energy resources that you will need to undertake the activities or things that you really want to.

As a May 21 birth date you have an inherent intense and childlike curiosity that will drive you to examine and investigate every aspect of your numerous experiences. At your best, you have an inborn self-assurance and perspective that will enable you to make the best possible decisions for your ongoing welfare.

As a May 21, you have an inherent need for balance in life and will work very hard in order to incorporate all of your interests and personal contacts into a network of connections that will work for you. The solution to your success in life will arise out of discovering a strong central focus for all of your numerous activities and interests.

The May 21 birthday crosses with the end of Taurus sign period and the commencement of the sign of Gemini. The result of this quality is that you enjoy a combination of Earth and Air, and as such, you can have and enjoy, the best of both of these elements in your life.

The Earth element steadies the rapid mind of the Gemini and, the Air of Gemini will liven up the determination and steadfast qualities of Taurus.

The written word will form an interesting information resource for you but you will favor short factual informational readings over that of long writings such as books. As example, magazines rather than books and short stories rather than long novels.

The colors of blue-green (sea green) and pale blue can help to clear and steady your mind and thoughts and, the mineral stones of hematite and turquoise gems can help to ground your energies.

On the home front, The May 21 could take delight in a home positioned on a hillside and one that provides a view while at the same time providing you with a sense of being protected from the elements.

You should indulge your sense of luxury and comfort through the utilization of beautiful and luxurious fabrics such as brocades for example. Include some appropriate oriental type rugs or rugs that incorporate interesting cultural designs.

You might like to consider some hand woven tapestries to hang on your walls and in the bathroom, some embroidered hand towels should appeal to you

Ceiling fans might have nice touch for you. Abstract paintings with pastel colors, and if your finances allow it, you could well be one to build up a serious art collection.

On the outdoors front, your garden would look beautiful with a gateway positioned in the middle of a vine covered trellised type fence. You should consider the flowers of sweet peas, hyacinths, and freesias for your garden flowerbeds.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 7.

The twenty-first day of the fifth month reduces to eight, and the number eight is the number representing that of rhythm, vibration, and the ebb and flow of cycles.

The path of this day requires that you become familiar with and alert to every potential opportunity in life and that you see the developing stream of consequence that flows from each choice.

The 142nd day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven contributes a need to take a pause between efforts, to evaluate your work, and then to determine whether or not you have fulfilled your commitments and seized every opportunity in life.