May 20 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn.

May 20 Birthday interpretation.

The May 20 Taurus birth date identifies with an individual who has some very strong beliefs and, they are more than willing to defend those beliefs very severely. While this quality has to be deemed praiseworthy, the May 20 should take caution that they do not get overly severe.

As a May 20 birth date, you were born not only at the closing stage of Taurus, but also close to that of Gemini. As result, your May 20 personality forms a combination of the influences of both Venus and Mercury.

The influence of Venus is the powerful and it attracts you toward romance, intimate relationships, and all aspects of life that are luxurious. As example, as a May 20 you will want to enjoy a nice warm home, a full stomach and a loving passionate partner.

The influence of Mercury is a little more slight and endows you with an adventurous spirit, that at times, can come into conflict with your inherent need and desire for financial security and predictability. You are the type of person who wants to know that your actions in life will result in definite and gainful results.

Even so, you have a tremendous need for spontaneity and variety in your life.

While these two influences can be somewhat unsettling for the May 20 at times you are certainly not the type of person who will have an uninteresting life.

You have a strong attraction for excitement and, a particular passion that may express itself in a taste for loud music.

Where you are particularly attracted to wild rhythm type music then you should follow through with your interests to the fullest and invest in the best music system that you can afford. You should take pleasure in impromptu dance because the occasional burst of intense activity is very good for you.

The May 20 Taurus birth date is positioned close to the fixed star of Alcyone. This is the brightest star in the Pleiades, in the constellation Taurus. Those of more ancient times believed this position endowed the qualities of both, a strong loving nature, and that of dramatic abilities.

As a May 20, you will certainly want to do your own thing and stand out among the herd. This could be achieved through an extravagant dress fashion of outstandingly bright colors or, even some outlandish accessories for example.

It is important for the May 20 to take some caution because you can have a tendency to become so involved and tied up with your current occupation that you can become somewhat careless and, as result, attract some unnecessary accidents. To offset this potential quality you should consider carrying a piece of agate around with you.

Due to a division of the earth and air energies in the personality of those born on this birth date, you will be particularly efficient in the compartmentalization of your home and work environments.

As a result of this separation between your activities there is the chance that you may overlook the fact that there is also a place for emotion in your work environment, in the same manner as there is within your home.

In order to help you to use both your heart and head within your working environment consider keeping a small vase of roses on your workbench or desk.

Dress wise; consider incorporating the colors of mauve, lilac or lemon in your clothing, as these are colors that can help you to soften your cynicism. Green, yellow and purple are additional colors for those of the May 20 birth date and, the minerals of Fluorite and yellow tourmaline, will help build up your personal sense of nature’s wonderful color schemes.

On the home front, you will like to indulge your sense of luxury and comfort through the use luxurious fabrics and, you might like to consider some form of hand woven tapestries made from natural material for your wall décor.

One particular way that the May 20 might like to take in order to maintain a calm demeanor is to have one particular room to which you can retreat, and one that is decorated utilizing marble or marble-styled paint work in the colors of pink and gray.

On the outdoors front, you will gain a particular pleasure and enjoyment from a home sited on a section that borders onto the natural settings of woodlands.

In the garden, an entertainment deck or patio with a barbeque, wooden table, chairs and weather covering with a view of the natural woodlands can form a perfect setting in which to contemplate and plan out your ideas and projects.

In the event that you are a city dweller without garden facilities, then you can gain your proximity with nature through visits to historical gardens where you can sit back to enjoy their order and color. Alternatively, within your home or apartment incorporate some pictures or photo graphics that depict beautiful gardens or attractive rural scenes.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 6.

The twentieth day of the fifth month reduces to seven, and the number seven represents that of victory and a rest after labors.

The path of this day is one of enjoying and demonstrating the potential appearance of form. Never confuse that of external beauty with that of the inner eternal reality.

The physical world is endowed with an abundance of beauty and color, so look to nature to study and admire its amazing and colorful forms. As example, those brilliant colors portrayed by tropical birds or tropical fish.

The 141st day of the year reduces to six, and the number six adds the awareness and need for everything to feel balanced in your life.

As example, you are one who yearns for beauty and harmony; but you should express your inner beauty first.