May 2 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Mercury, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 2 Birthday interpretation.

Those of the May 2 Taurus birth date are, by their very nature, very kind and supportive types of people. Having said that however, the May 2ís are endowed with relatively firm sense of individuality.

Issues of an emotional nature form a driving concern in the life of those of the May 2 birth date and, to the extent that you can tend to put consideration in respect of the state of your relationship in life, ahead of your financial concerns or career objectives.

Unlike many other people who could become aggravated when their goals and objectives are subject to an interruption or are delayed, you are the type of person who will actually gain a particular pleasure and satisfaction from the successes and achievements of others who are close to you.

While as a May 2 you have this wonderful quality of giving out so much of yourself to others, you must keep balance and make the time to give due consideration to your own needs and affairs in life.

As a may 2, you can suffer the feeling of confrontation within your social connections when you begin to feel that your giving out of yourself to others tends to divest you of your personal integrity.

When you are placed in situations where you have to be more cooperative than you care to be, it will require that you delve deeply into your own personal mind-set in order to discover that, which is really important to you as a person.

Through your own personal analysis, you will find that your own inner self can never be destroyed, or compromised in any way.

As a May 2, you can be quite a strong-minded individual when you have to compete. However, you are one who will feel more comfortable when you are involved with similar minded people and not in the position of having to assert or force yourself on others.

The May 2 birth date is particularly attracted to quiet places of beauty, and this quality of your nature can take the form of interests in the reading of books that open your heart, listening to music that calms your spirit, and the simple pleasures of intimate dinners with your loved ones for example.

Taurus rules over the throat, therefore that the action of singing can be a calming activity for you. Humming in particular is an action of particular appeal to those of the Taurus sign.

Water is also your element so in order to relax take the regular advantage of treating yourself to a nice long bath or take an occasional visit to a spar or some mineral pools.

Dress wise, you should consider incorporating the color of turquoise among your  clothing. This might take the form of a variety of colored scarves (some incorporating turquoise) in order to provide care and protection to your throat area.

The color of purple is one that can help to improve your personal sense of self esteem, and other colors that match to your sign and birth date comprise of emerald green, moss green, pine, cream white and light blue.

You might like to consider acquiring some Tourmaline wands as these can help to open up your inner vision. It is claimed that these wands channel electrical energy that, when used properly, project a healing and soothing energy.

On the home front, both your home itself and the activities of socializing are very important to the May 2.

A combination family room cum kitchen area for entertaining is likely to appeal to the May 2 with a central cooking presentation area.

Some hanging copper cookware will help to with create the image of warmth and as a gathering place around which you can both socialize and prepare meals. Some dried herbs, wreaths of peppers, dried fruit, and dried flowers will complete the picture.

You should consider utilizing pastel colors, in particular, lavender and violet, within the home as their effects could lighten and relax your soul.

On the outdoors front, a garden arena incorporating many different kinds of flowers will be a place in which you can exercise your creative qualities or spend time with friends. Flowers in the color of orange flowers can be of particular appeal to the May 2.

The quality of balance is a foremost factor in the life of a May 2, and this should apply in your garden as well. This can be achieved by endeavoring to represent all the different elements within the garden. As example, by having a selection of trees, shrubs, a rock garden, plus at least one water feature. The water feature might take the form of a pond, brook, pool or a fountain piece.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 6.

The second day of the fifth month reduces to seven, and the number seven that represents that of rest after labor.

The number seven creates the need for an ending after a period of activity and a path that includes the requirement of purposeful, conscious choice.

This pattern necessitates the skill of ascertaining in advance as to whether your choices in life are in tandem with your deepest desires. Endeavor to develop your power of visualization in order that you can see the outcomes before they materialize.

The 123rd day of the year reduces to six, and the number six adds an appreciation for beauty during those periods of rest between accomplishments. This helps you to stand back and admire your work.