May 19 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon, and Saturn.

May 19 Birthday interpretation.

People born on this May 19 Taurus birth date tend to be the sort of folk that thrive on the exchange of ideas. They totally enjoy being part of a team or group where they can dream up solutions to problems, and to investigate and examine the varying alternatives.

As a May 19 you should always stretch yourself to your limits in order to test the fullest extent of your capabilities.

The May 19 is essentially a relatively optimistic type of individual who will enjoy the company of, and the inter-relationship with happy-go-lucky types of friends and acquaintances.

The May 19 Taurus birth date falls within the first of the Earth signs and as such, this particular day is split equally between that of Air and Earth.

This combination of elements can at times cause a May 19 to feel somewhat lethargic, and this can get in the way of your ability to make clear decisions at times. To counteract this influence, consider incorporating some of the cinnamon herb to your diet as this can act as a good energizer.

A further value of this particular day relates to the planet Saturn and, under this particular association, it can suggest a tendency toward feeling somewhat down in the dumps and depressed at times. To counteract this particular aspect consider keeping some form of charm, preferably of tin, or even a small square of tin, about you.

The May 19 birth date carries the opportunity to create variation and a new state of affairs in life. Although you are one who likes to feel secure in respect of what you may have and who you are, you are also one who is forever in the process of trying to find out better alternative ways or methods to cater for the circumstances at hand.

The May 19 is not the type of person who is stuck in the past. They are by nature futuristic in their outlook and forever keen to push out into life in order to prove themselves.

Those of the May 19 birth date are endowed with both, strong organizational abilities and artistic skill. There can at times, be a conflict in your nature in regard to that of your pursuit of your artistic objectives and that of your organizational talents.

Under such circumstances one aspect does not necessarily eliminate the other because your strength of will is strong, and that will enable you to arrive at a suitable and comfortable combination of both your dreams and practical reality.

On the vocation front, the May 19 is the type of person who will want security, however, not to the extent that they are tied to a desk or a title for the rest of their working life. Your ideal employment or career, and one in which you would be most happy, would be in a working environment that offered a wide room for growth.

As example, you will certainly require a position that provides a fixed regular income but would certainly favor a job that also included the opportunity to increase that income by way of a profit-sharing scheme or additional commissions.

Health wise, the throat is a sensitive area in respect to those of this birth date and you should look to protecting that area against the elements when necessary.

This could take the form of wearing a scarf or high-necked sweater for example. You should consider including some yellow within your dress ware as this can help to inspire both your sense of optimism and your mental clarity.

The May 19 can be highly attuned in their sense of smell and therefore highly sensitive to various types of scents. These can range through perfumes, soaps, bath salts and through to the smell of leather ware. Jasmine and rose bath salts can be particularly relaxing for you.

The minerals of Olivine and Aventurine (a pleasing dark green stone with a metallic iridescence or spangled appearance) gemstones will help to stimulate your capabilities.

On the home front, wooden floorings with quality carpets will appeal to the artistic qualities inherent in the May 19 nature. Add to this some appropriate oriental type rugs or rugs that incorporate interesting cultural designs.

As a May 19 you can be quite comfortable within an environment of a creative untidiness. This could take the form of furniture pieces or chairs with piles of study or reading materials sitting on them

For your wall décor, you might like to consider some hand woven tapestries and, about the home, something a little more older in fashion, such as furniture runners or lace doilies. In the bathroom area, some embroidered hand towels should appeal to you

Colors for the May 19 are those of lime green and gold. In particular, the color of Indigo can help to strengthen your sense of resolve.

In order to act as a reminder of the wonders of nature’s diversity you should look to keep plenty of green flowering houseplants about the home.

On the outdoors front, the May 19 can have a natural affinity toward trees so that in your garden you should consider having as many trees as possible. Tree that are particularly appropriate for the May 19 are any that carry leaves or flowers of a pale yellow color.

Apartment dwellers can cater for this interest by acquiring and maintaining some bonsai trees.

As a May 19 you will appreciate and gain pleasure from small-blossomed flowers such as the lily of the valley, crocus and hyacinths within your garden. Add a brick or stone pathway, plus a wooden picnic table and chairs in order to provide a perfect natural setting in which you can entertain your friends during those lazy summer months.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 5.

The nineteenth day of the fifth month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of balanced polarities and the harmony of opposites.

The path of this day engenders a strong desire to work and serve together with others, and exercising your own gifts in an optimum division of labor.

The 140th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five enhances your path in life with an inherent sense of the constant, shifting procession of forms, and the versatility and adaptability to thrive.