May 18 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon, Saturn.

May 18 Birthday interpretation.

One of the influences associated with this May 18 Taurus birth date identifies with a person of considerable personal authority. As result, it is almost a certainty that a person born on this date will be very agreeable to the idea of their taking up, and of shouldering responsibility.

When they do take up and such areas of responsibility then they generally do so very successfully.

The May 18 birth date falls in conjunction with the star group of Pleiades and, under such influence, you can tend to be a very sensitive person when it comes to some matters in life.

As example you may suffer a difficult time when it comes to releasing and parting from some treasured or valuable object and/or a person whose time has come. The loss of a love partner or the loss of an opportunity in life.

The May 18 should however take confidence in the fact that for every loss or removal in life, a new and fresh opportunity will arise to provide a new opening to create a place for a more suitable lover, a more valuable possession, or a better career or job opportunity.

As a May 18 your particular birth date will provide you with numerous opportunities in order that you will be able to gain from losses while at the same time, allow you to improve upon your past mistakes.

This May 18 birth date can be a very fortunate day for you where you approach life from the point of view that your cup is always half full and never half empty.

Those of the May 18 Taurus birth date have a very dependable nature and they take joy in the building of something in their life. As result, you will experience an ongoing learning curve in life as to which ideas and/or projects are practical and can be implemented and, those that are impractical and should be abandoned.

There are times in your life when the charisma of glamour can attract you. You will find however, that generally this path in life is neither satisfying nor productive for you.

The suns energy is a very positive factor for the May 18 and very much so around midday when its rays are at their strongest. As result, you might like to consider organizing any important meetings or gatherings around this time when you will be are your energetic best.

A sense of “fatherhood” is also inherent in this day. This does not infer that of literal fatherhood, but is more applicable to the range of emotions and attitudes that we tend to associate with the concept of fatherhood.

In order to keep some check over any potential for all of that fatherhood paternalism and authority, to develop toward a domineering attitude, you should consider keeping a stone statuette of an elephant in your hallway or front door step. In addition, some form of object that incorporates rose-colored glass

As a May 18 you are one who would take pleasure in possessing some fine and beautiful jewellery pieces. While the Topaz gemstone will be one that can influence and fire up your imagination, you will find that diamonds, emeralds and light green jade are gems that will have a particular appeal to your May 18 nature.

On the home front, the May 18 is one who will like to indulge their sense of luxury and comfort through the utilization of beautiful and luxurious fabrics such as brocades for example.

You might like to consider some form of hand woven tapestries for your wall décor and the colors in the shades of blue, purple or orange will complement with your May 18 sense of color.

As a May 18 Taurus, you might like to consider including some paintings, pictures or photographs of bulls or oxen about your home as your birth date holds a significant association with the “Bull”.

Always ensure that you have some form of personal retreat within the home. A place with a comfortable atmosphere in which to sit in peace while you can dream up your next idea, scheme or concept.

As a May 18 you will generally hold a strong appreciation for flowers and in this respect should consider having fresh flowers within your home and, especially so during the more depressive winter months. Yellow type flowers such as the orchid could be a perfect brightener in the home.

On the outdoors front, you should consider incorporating some forms of circular type effects. These might take the form of flower beds or curved trellis over a gate way leading into the your garden.

A wooden bench positioned among some flower beds plus perhaps, water feature, statue or even, a gazebo are likely to be of great appeal to your nature.

Flowers to consider for your garden area are golden tulips, irises, daffodils and Persian buttercups.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 4.

The eighteenth day of the fifth month reduces to five, and the number five is the number of agency, and the means whereby circumstances are brought about and adaptation occurs.

The path of this day engenders a search for fulfillment of your dreams and a requirement that you not lose heart. This mission in life demands courage of spirit so that you do not give up and settle for less than your heart desires.

No loss or disappointment is final. If one wish isn’t granted, wish for something bigger and better.

The 139th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds a sense of order and stability to the structures and process you experience.