May 17 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus Saturn.

May 17 Birthday interpretation.

As a May 17 Taurus birth date you are endowed with a particularly humorous nature. Just about everyone will enjoy being in your company as you will always seem to have some form of pertinent and comical story, joke or yarn to share.

This May 17 birth date also has an association with the “Fool” card in the tarot. However, there are associations existent in this particular day that indicate that your sense of humor can at times, project a very sharp edge to it.

This is a quality of your personality that you might like to consider giving some attention to in order to apply a little more moderation in your verbal delivery.

Those of the May 17 birth date are born lovers, and as result they will be prepared to devote a considerable amount of time to their progression through the various aspects of their more intimate relationships.

You should understand that love in itself occurs on several levels in life. It occurs in the forms of that of personal love, impersonal love, and that of transpersonal, a love that transcends that of the personal or the individual.

Once you have discovered the riches of that of impersonal love, then you can find that your life can change dramatically. Impersonal love is that which is given freely and unconditionally. It is that kind of caring love that is given in supportive of others who have nothing to do with your own individual desires or needs.

There are some who are born on this May 17 birth date who will have an inherent understanding of transpersonal love. Those that do will find themselves able to utilize their charisma in order to bring healing and fullness into the lives of other peoples.

As a May 17 birth date it is very likely that you will be attracted toward a profession or vocation that is service oriented and, as result you could also discover that you are attracted to a spiritual calling in life.

Those of the May 17 birthday have a reputation for being industrious people who are also both very thrifty and patient. You may have a personal inner sense of being somewhat tight-fisted when it comes to money, even though you have enough for your own personal needs and lifestyle.

This birth date combines the quality of common sense with that of a love of beauty and artistic expression. You go all-out to make the most of your own talents and to master that which you set your mind to. Never judge inner worth by outer appearance.

The May 17 is particularly fond of good foods and, while you will no doubt enjoy a more stylish culinary offering, you are just as likely to take pleasure in the taste of a well-made more simple type of meal.

With your love of food you should consider adopting some form of regular exercise regime. This could take the form of some simple stretching exercises to maintain you body flexibility through to a more serious activity involving some in-home equipment.

As a May 17 there is the possibility that you might have generated an interest in the occult and/or involved in some study of the subject. Should this apply to you then you should beware and should strongly avoid any study of or, becoming involved in any activity related to black magic.

The colors of Lemon and Ginger hold a compatibility with the May 17 birth date and the minerals of agate and jasper are gem stones that can help you to not only relax, but also to maintain your sense of balance.

On the home front, a home that incorporates and emphasize shapes of a circular nature can provide a very comforting atmosphere for you. This could take the form of circular shaped bay window, kitchen working area or furniture of circular shape.

Hardwood floorings with quality carpets will satisfy the artistic qualities within your nature. Add to this some appropriate oriental type rugs or rugs that incorporate interesting cultural designs.

As a May 17, for your wall décor you might like to consider some form of hand woven tapestries. Where you do, look to colors in the shades of blue, purple or orange.

As a May 17 Taurus, the Bull is a significant association with your birth date. With this in mind, any images of bulls, oxen or likewise beasts in form of paintings or photographs would be ideal adornments for the walls in your home or apartment.

On the out doors front, the May 17 likes the beauties of nature, the forests, fields, woods mountains and streams.

You will have a strong love of flowers and as such are likely to particularly enjoy those of daffodils, daisies, and nasturtiums.

As with you home, you should consider designing and laying out your garden area to incorporate a circular image. Include a visual centerpiece of some form such as a water feature, a statue or a gazebo.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 3.

The seventeenth day of the fifth month reduces to four, and the number four is the number of abstract reason and the ordering principle of the universe.

This day’s path is a mission to fasten your soul in eternal and inner realities that lie behind and beneath the outer forms of manifestation. You have a dislike for things that are superficial.

The 138th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the quality of natural development to the orderly processes of your life.