May 15 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 15 Birthday interpretation.

There are aspects associated with this May 15 Taurus birth date that suggests you are the sort of person who has an enormous energy coupled with that of a great enthusiasm for life.

The May 15 birth date identifies with an individual who is by nature is a very romantic type of person. You do however, tend to control and withhold your feelings of passion deep within yourself.

As example, when you find that you are strongly attracted to somebody, while you inherently know that you do feel that way within your heart, you can find that you become shy and reticent in expressing those feelings to that particular recipient.

You are fully aware of your own emotional susceptibility and, as a result, you hold back and are reluctant to the risk exposing yourself.

As a May 15, there is quite a strong possibility that you can at times have a tendency to assess a person far to quickly and as result, make a judgment of them that can sometimes be somewhat severe, or possibly unjustified.

One methodology to help when you are dealing with others is to keep a piece of quartz crystal close to you. It is said that this can help to influence your balance of judgment.

Those of the May 15 birth date are the type of people who like not only to court, but to also be courted in return. You are gifted with an inherent natural sense of timing when it comes to romantic matters and intimacy and will take great pleasure in working your way through the rituals of romance.

As a May 15 you are unlikely to be over impressed by extravagant gifts or other such forms of expressions of love. You are one who will take a far greater appreciation from the more simple and sincere actions such as, a simple red rose, a quite afternoon sitting or walking along a riverbank or, just holding hands while looking up at the stars.

The May 15 can become very serious adversary when they believe that they are giving help, advice and assistance to the practical welfare of others. You should take some caution however in that you can have a tendency to neglect your own interests and welfare and, as result can weaken and exhaust yourself in the process.

In order to increase your energy levels and to maintain your inherent natural vitality you should consider taking up some form of energetic exercise regime.

This could take the form of a sport like squash or tennis or, joining a local aerobic class. Massage is another excellent way for you to re-gather your energy resources.

Good luck can often tend to favor those of the May 15 birth date and, as a way to help to enhance that lucky aspect of your nature, you might like to consider wearing a piece of round jewellery, a small medallion for example.

Colors complementary to this birth date are those of Indigo, red-orange, yellow, light turquoise and green. In particular, the color of green will help you to relate to the rhythms of your Earth element.

A combination of the colors of gold and crimson can be particularly lucky for those of this birth date so you should consider utilizing these colors within both your dress and jewellery accessories.

The minerals of amber and citrine are gems that can help to go along with and accommodate your mood swings.

On the home front, your kitchen area is the general center of your home, and a place for informal family gathering and communication. To maintain your connection with Earth consider including some natural material earthen cookware with perhaps some natural (preferably red) bricks as feature pieces near or about a fire or cooking stove.

To further marry up with your element of Earth look to include items made from natural materials within your kitchen and home. These might take the form of wooden bowls, woven baskets, condiment sets or wall hangings created from natural fibers.

On the out door front, the May 15 will appreciate spending time in a park, watching games and following organized woodland trails.

Your garden forms a place in which you can relax, re-gather your energies and perhaps play. You are one who can gain great enjoyment from just tinkering in a tool shed in which any tools, implements or machinery will be well looked after and maintained.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and10.

The fifteenth day of the fifth month reduces to two, and the number two represents that of duplication, reflection, and receptivity.

The lesson of this path in life is that of identifying and learning your particular place and personal contribution to the community and society at large. A community exists through a contribution of labor and skills where each involved agrees to provide their talents in order that the combined offerings become available to the benefit of all.

The 136th day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten contributes the quality of the perfect coming together of each cycle. This adds the sense of perfect endings and the call to new beginnings.