May 14 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon, Saturn.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 14 Birthday interpretation.

There are aspects attributable to this May 14 Taurus birth date that relate to the “Hermit” card in the tarot, and that influence represents a person who is not only wise, but one who desires to learn more about the world in which they live. This influence can also at times, indicate a person who holds a preference for some solitude in life.

A symbolic representation that can be related to this birth date of May 14 is that of is a large entertainment arcade that is filled with all the excitements and carefree freedoms of childhood.

As a May 14 you will on the one hand, be a person who will like to earn money and possessions for the purposes of establishing your personal security, yet on the other hand, you are one who will be open to indulging yourself in the harmless pleasures in life.

Those of the May 14 birth date have excellent social skills that allow them to inter-relate very easily with all manner of people on the social scale. Their basic appreciation of how a person interacts with society is very positive and a factor that will prove beneficial throughout life.

They should take some caution however in the matter of their self-discipline, as this may need shoring up at times.

The May 14 is a very responsible individual who will give due attention to taking care of the every day necessities of life. It is unlikely that they could ever be looked upon as workaholics. However, other people do tend to admire and respect the way that the May 15 can be diligent in their work, accomplish their goals and then to quite easily be able to break away from the working environment and off into play and leisure time.

By nature, the May 14 is a very charitable type of person who is very likely to become involved in some form of voluntary work. For some this might take the form of a part time activity, and for another it could constitute a career path in life.

As example, the May 14 could well shine and be very successful where involved with young people as a teacher, coach, counselor or such other teaching, instructional environment.

Certain aspects of the arts will appeal to those of the May 14 birth date and those of dancing and theoretical productions can be of particular interest.

Metal can have a certain association with those of the May 14 birth date and many people born on this day tend to gravitate toward working with metals as a hobby or secondary interest.

While most forms of metal will suffice, it is more likely the May 14 will favor the more precious variations of gold, silver or copper. In more ancient times this birth date was believed to hold an association with the metal arts and skills of the sword maker.

Dress wise, the material of silk holds some harmony with your birth date so, irrespective of whether or not your are a male or a female, a selection of silk undergarments or nightwear might be a nice luxury for you to indulge in. You should look to the more positive colors of apricot, light turquoise or pinks for such garments.

Rich blue is a color of particular significance for you and you might like to include it within your daily dress ware as a means to enhance your inspiration. To a lesser degree the aqua and navy blues relate well to you and on the mineral front the gem stones of sodalite and turquoise will help you to clarify your mental processes.

On the home front, furniture in dark woods will be more suitable to your temperament and outlook. As a May 14, it is extremely likely that you will favor the more understated colors and designs within your home environment.

Due to you personal liking for fabrics that feel good to your sense of touch you should endeavor to ensure that none of the fabrics on your furniture or otherwise in your home is of rough feel, or uncomfortable to your senses.  Nice fat plush cushions and pillows are excellent additions within your living areas and bedrooms.

As a May 14 you may well have a particular appreciation of art and this could take the form of some abstract type paintings about the house in addition to some rural landscapes that will appeal to your Earth nature.

A green-based luxuriant landscape, featuring some peaceful grazing animals, could conjure up in you your imagination, visions of less hectic times.

On the outdoors front, the May 14 is more likely to enjoy the scenario of a public park or a country environment over that of a more personal garden.

By your nature you love flowers and attractive bushes, trees and vegetation but you also find a particular enjoyment in the act of sharing such beauty with others in the community.

For you, as a May 14, a home sited alongside a park or some other form of natural woodland environment would be the perfect combination.

Your special magic numbers are 10 and 9.

The fourteenth day of the fifth month reduces to ten, and the number ten is the number that closes off a cycle and carries the desire to start again.

This forms the path of self-discipline and of personal ability. This model requires that you gain command over the forces of your personality and to harness these energies into a dependable expression of skill and mastery.

The ancient civilizations of both the Egyptians and Mayas understood that conquest of an enemy meant the incorporation and utilization of new abilities, and not that of annihilation.

The 135th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine contributes the influence of fulfillment and attainment of your goals, that in turn supports your sense of confidence.