May 13 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 13 Birthday interpretation.

There are aspects related to the May 13 Taurus birth date that suggest that you can have a somewhat defensive personality.

There are further aspects related to this birth date that indicate the likelihood that the May 13, can at times, be rather anxious by nature. This factor in your nature can arise especially when in the company of others.

The May 13 is big-hearted individual who can at times suffer the feeling that they are being taken advantage of.

Having said all that however, those of the May 13 birth date are not the type of individuals who will hold back and avoid taking action when circumstances arise that they feel strongly about.

As a person born on the May 13 birth date you are the type of individual, who by nature, is generally very patient and understanding when it comes to others around you.

Those of the May 13 birth date will often have particular physical traits that tend to set them apart from others. This can take the form of their being taller than most, shorter, or particularly strong individuals for example.

The May 13 is not the type of person who will sit back and take abuse from others and, this outlook applies not only to matters within your personal life, but it also in respect to your defense of other people who may be oppressed or exploited by society in general.

When considering the occupation and vocation potentials, the May 13 should do well and, even shine, where they are engaged in any activities that involve humanitarian type causes. This could take the form of work within the social services for example.

You will, by nature, derive great satisfaction and a strong peace of mind when you can feel within yourself that you have successfully completed a task or project and, that you have done so in accordance with your conscience and personal beliefs.

Relaxation is an important feature in the lives of all and the May 13 is of no exception. Take the time out to relax and to undertake some of your favorite pleasures.

With the May 13, your more favored form of relaxation will center upon the pleasures and joys of the senses. As example, these will take the form excellent food dishes, good visual material such as films, music and, perhaps the most attractive activity for the May 13, that of romance and making love.

As a May 13 you have a very strong inherent sense of moral values, but there are times however, when your powerful sense of what is right or what is wrong can result in your appearing to be somewhat severe in the eye of others.

In order to endeavor to temper down your approach under such occasions you might like to consider wearing some form of silver jewellery; its influence can soften your approach.

The May 13 will often take an interest in history and, in particular, historical matters that highlight the wonderful abilities and achievements of mankind throughout the ages.

This could take the form of an interest or study of the wonders of the great ancient architectural builders such as the pyramids through to the more modern wonders of the “Hubble” telescope sited three hundred miles above the Earths surface.

Colors that are complimentary with your birth date are those of Turquoise, pale peach and shades of green. In particular, the shades of green will help to enhance your senses of security. The mineral stones of the Emerald and the sapphire are gemstones that will help to fire up, and give inspiration to your imagination.

On the home front, the most central focal point of your home is likely to be your kitchen area. It should be well spaced in size and you should consider having some eye-catching copper cookware on display plus some particularly well-designed cutlery. Your kitchen should provide you with a feeling of mastery and importance within your household

To marry up with your element of Earth try to include some items made from natural materials within your kitchen and home. These could take the form of condiment sets, wooden bowls, woven baskets or wall hangings made from natural fibers.

On the out doors front, the May 13 is one who will love and appreciate the wonders of nature, the forests, fields, woods mountains and streams.

Your garden should be a place of peace where you can retire to relax and maintain your connection with that grounding force of mother Earth.

Plenty of flowers and color will appeal to the May 13 and daffodils in particular can be pleasant to you eye.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 8.

The thirteenth day of the fifth month reduces to nine, and the number nine is the number of attainment, completion, and fulfillment.

This is a path of understanding the meaning of the wisdom of great value or price. What does constitute true value and worth? Consider the process and motivation behind the conversion of a common mineral into a priceless diamond.

You should enjoy life’s luxuries, but should do so with a sense of detachment. Preserve only that which endures and refrain from the temptation to hoard your treasures.

The 134th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight adds the assurance that all things ebb and flow through successive cycles. No matter how seductive the outer form may be, it eventually decays.