May 12 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 12 Birthday interpretation.

People born on this May 12 Taurus birth date are by nature, relatively optimistic individuals. They are also very protective by nature and this is particularly reflected in their outlook towards their immediate family and, extended family members.

Family is important to you and you will like nothing more that gatherings where your family members, grandparent and other relatives are happily positioned around you.

A basic factor in the life of the May 12 is that of establishing self-worth. You may therefore endeavor to satisfy this particular quality of your nature through the acquisition of beautiful and quality things. This could take the form of fine clothing such as fashion labels or objects of value and visual beauty to the eye.

There is every indication that as a May 12 you will have worked hard in order to achieve a secure and influential position within your work place environment.

Having said that however, your most innermost quality has more to do with your inner strength capabilities in relation to the compassion you can show and give to others, and your inherent ability to give support to those people who have a lesser stamina and strength than yourself.

As a May 12 birth date you are the type of person who will test yourself and, at times, you will add a great deal of pressure onto yourself through attempting to go beyond your limits. This might be exampled through activities involved in a sport or an over ambitious level of objectives in your working environment. It could also be by continually overlooking the behavior of another person when such behavior is contrary to your own.

For some people born on this May 12 birth date, the birthday falls on a critical degree that can result in numerous highs and lows in life. Where this particular aspect applies to you, then your challenge in life is to charge through all of those more extreme experiences in life and to remain true to yourself.

The May 12 is endowed with very visual and artistic sense and as result will favor stylish simplicity. As example, you may well prefer soft cotton white sheets in preference to any of the many other colors, color shade and designs that may be available to you.

Another quality inherent in those of the May 12 birth date is the ability to always identify and see both sides of a situation, argument or discussion.

Sun energy holds a connection with this birth date and as result, its influence forms a very powerful and determined force that may counterbalance any senses or feelings of indecisiveness. As a way to take advantage of the effect of this solar energy, you might like to consider either wearing, or including, a touch of orange or yellow in your dress whenever you are called upon to make a major decision.

Colors complimentary to the May 12 birth date are those of, emerald green, teal and alabaster. Sodalite is a particular mineral and gemstone that can help you to focus your concentration.

On the home front, your cooking and kitchen area should form a central point area within your home and it should preferably feature a central cooking counter with some attractively designed copper cookware pieces.

A big round table in the kitchen would be a great focal point for your family gatherings.

As a May 12 your décor could well include copies of classical works or wall hangings.

You should consider some pictures or photo graphics of pastoral landscapes with animals grazing, plus some sunset or sky scenes.

Not only will these help to conjure up sensations of a peaceful environment, and/or appeal to the romantic and idealistic side of your nature, they also will help you to keep your own personal horizons as wide open as possible.

Smell and scents are an attractive quality for the May 12 so a potpourri in light fruit scents would be good feature about your home.

You should always look to natural scents and smells rather than anything that is artificially perfumed; this is because you can often find that artificial scents are offensive to your sense of smell.

On the outdoors front, the May 12 will gain particular enjoyment from a rural environment where they can relax, come into contact with their earth element, and spend the time to tidy up their mental preoccupations.

In the garden you should look to incorporate a circular sensation with flowerbeds for example. Include a substantial round table made from nature’s wood and position it as a centerpiece to the garden with chairs enough for family gatherings.

Flowers that can be of particular appeal to those of the May 12 birth date are yellow daffodils and primroses.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 7.

The twelfth day of the fifth month reduces to eight, and the number eight is the number of rhythm and vibration.

The path of this day is one of learning to knowingly work together with your inner sense of the Divine. Intrinsic in this path through life is the gaining of a sense of mission or purpose about life that which will bestow upon you the strength and the freedom from doubt.

The 133rd day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven adds both the need and ability for rest between your ebbing and flowing cycles of attainment.