May 11 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 11 Birthday interpretation.

As a May 11 Taurus you are not one who will be overly influenced by others when they think that you are wrong about something.

You are certainly not the type of person who will give way under pressure and change your opinion, nor are you one who will be influenced to follow the latest fad, be it fashion or whatever.

Your family, friends and associates know that you are a person that they can depend on because of those qualities of strength, stability and consistency that form a major aspect of your personality.

The May 11 Taurus has an exceedingly strong character, and as such, they are the type of individuals who, whenever possible, like to be the one in charge.

The Tower card from the tarot holds a strong connection with this day of May 11, and this can indicate an individual who can have and extremely stormy type of personality.

As result of this influence you might often feel that you need to let off steam, and you will do so primarily in order to avoid the withholding or building up of resentments toward others around you.

The color blue is a calming and peaceful color and you might like to consider wearing more of the color blue in your clothing. It’s calming influence may help to control any emotional build-ups of resentment you may experience at times.

As a May 11 birth date you have an inherent deep inner sense as to what is right and appropriate and, you are certainly not the type of person who will change your opinions purely to suit others.

You have a particular gift in the way that you can utilize your voice. It is not so much the actual words that you use but more in your use of voice tones or levels. You have that ability to express a sense of peace and healing through the sounds of your voice. This can be extremely valuable when you are extending comfort and care to others who may be in distress.

As a May 11 birth date you may well have an excellent vocal talent and gain a real pleasure from singing whether just around the home or, on a more professional level.

At times the May 11 birth date can center upon what astrologers refer to as a “critical degree,” and when this occurs you can find that your experiences in life, whether of a positive and/or negative nature, can be very intense.

Those of the May 11 birth date can also have a rather cunning streak to their nature. This quality in your nature can at times lead you not only to protect your own personal interests in life, but also extend to meddling in the affairs of others.

In respect of this aspect of your nature you should endeavor to always keep your thoughts, plans and projects aboveboard and on the straight and narrow.

The nature of your life path requires that you polish up and refine your senses of discrimination and judgment. To achieve this you should look to become involved in activities that will help to sharpen your attention so that you can concentrate on that which is more essential in your life, and to discard that which is nonessential.

As example, consider reading books, journals, magazines or other such material that will provide a challenge your mental status.  Engage in games that require great mental concentration such as chess, puzzles or word games

The aspect of luck can be a somewhat inconsistent factor in the life of the May 11. You can find that bad luck that unexpectedly falls upon you will often be counter balanced by some form or level of unusual good luck or fortune that arises right out of the blue.

Should you wish to make the most of the more positive aspects of this part of your life, then consider keeping a basil plant positioned in the northern area of your garden. Alternatively, a potted plant or window box will suffice.

Green, chartreuse, sky blue and yellow are colors in keeping with your May 11 birth date, and the “Emerald” is a gemstone that will help you to enhance your appreciation and understanding of nature

On the home front, your home you should include a wooden high-backed chair, and preferably an older type or antique piece. Physiologically a chair like this can do wonders for your personal sense of position and place.

You should ensure that you have plenty of light in the corner areas of your home whether it is by way of natural light or attractive lighting. As a May 11, candelabras or candle-shaped lighting pieces could be of particular appeal.

Your cooking and kitchen area will form a central point area in your home and should preferably feature a central cooking counter with some attractively designed copper cookware pieces.

Add an appropriate round table to sit around, as this will enhance an area in which the household members can be focused. A chandelier type light incorporating some form of brass fittings, positioned above the table will be an attractive and comforting feature.

On the outdoors front, the May 11 should endeavor to make the time to visit rural environments or settings, because nature is the best place for you to sit, to contemplate, to dismiss your mental preoccupations and, to refresh your contact with the earth.

The May 11 likes flowers en-masse whether it is in their garden, a garden center or in a natural environment. An example could be a host of daffodils in the garden or, a woodland blanketed in bluebells.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 6.

The eleventh day of the fifth month reduces to seven, and the number seven takes the meaning of victory and a brief rest after a period of activity or creation.

The 132nd day of the year reduces to six, and the number six contributes an important need for balance. Take heed and listen to the whisper of your inner voice when it speaks to you of rest.