May 10 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon, Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 10 Birthday interpretation.

As a May 10 Taurus birth date, your premier interest in life is most likely to be that of the pursuit of wealth, money and possessions.

Your May 10 outlook on money is that it is a very good thing to have, and with your outlook and personality, you will experience no conflicts of senses when it comes to money and will be of the opinion, that one can never enough of it in life.

Representations of the color of gold can help to influence your chances to generate money and wealth. This could take the form of keeping an aquarium within home that is well stocked with goldfish. In addition, if you able to locate a gold colored statuette or figurine of a bull you should look to keep that in a position located at the northern side of your house.

Those people of this May 10 birth date are also endowed with a strong artistic streak in their nature and, this particular quality can very often become the cause of a certain amount of conflict within. These feelings of conflict arise as you endeavor to resolve both the materialistic and the artistic aspects of your life.

One methodology by which you could reconcile such feelings of inner conflict is to acquire objects or items that form not only things of investment value, but are also of beauty. Such things could take the form of and art collection of paintings, sculptures or some other form of valuable collectibles with an inherent beauty to the eye.

As a May 10 Taurus you should endeavor to avoid the creation of any physical jumble within your environment and/or any emotional jumble in your heart.

The May 10 is a very magnetic type of individual who will attract numerous others into their lives

You will have to choose very carefully the one who will ultimately occupy that special position beside you. That position should be kept open most of the time so that, as and when that right person does come into your life, you will then have a space open in order that you can cultivate that special relationship.

You should take a similar outlook is respect of your possessions. You should look to quality over quantity at all times, and aim for a lesser number of quality and more valuable possessions, rather than a multitude of possessions acquired just to fill up space.

As a May 10 birth date you are endowed with great flair for fashion and, you will do your best to effect a blend between that of the unique and that of the classical. You should look to be bold and to pander to your sense of color to see what you might achieve.

The mineral snowflake-obsidian is a beautiful black color gemstone with a grayish white effect. It is said to sharpen both the external and the internal vision and will help to ground your sense of identity. Colors that harmonize well with your May 10 birth date are green, almond, burnt sienna, pastel pink and grayish white

On the home front, the home of a May 10 will generally be very comfortable and include many luxurious items and effects. The bedroom in particular may be particularly luxurious, if not an extremely erotic setting.

The most poignant center of your home is likely to be your kitchen area.

It should be very roomy in size and you should consider including some attractive eye-catching copper cookware. The overall effect of your kitchen should give you a feeling of mastery and importance within your household.

Due to the influence of planet Mercury, the co-ruler over your May 10 birth date, you have a particularly inquisitive mind. As result you are the type of person who is likely to subscribe to numerous journals and magazines to feed your learning needs.

Ensure that you have that little special area and a very comfortable chair in which to relax and peruse your reading material. Ideally you should face out through a window in order to gain the sense of well-being that the views of nature can provide.

On the outdoors front, your garden should be a place of tranquility in which you can relax and maintain your connection with that grounding force of earth.

Your garden should be set out in a manner that will allow ample room to spread. You may favor the growing of vegetables over flowers or indeed both. Violets are a flower that may well be of particular appeal to those of the May 10 birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 5.

The tenth day of the fifth month reduces to six, and the number six is the number of balance and equilibrium.

Your path in life is that striving for bearing and balance in the face of conflict or challenge and calls that you plunge yourself into life and to participate fully in your experiences.

The 131st day of the year reduces to five, and the number five generates the added element of constant activity and change, making it difficult for you to pause and dispassionately analyze your life as a soap opera.