May 1 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon, Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 1 Birthday interpretation.

Those born on this May 1 Taurus birth date might well be described as the living representations of the real meanings behind May Day, being a celebration of fertility and the imperative regenerative energies of the planet earth.

As a May 1 birth date one of the most important aspects for you in your life, is to be able to feel a sense of harmony and accord in your environment.

This yearning to mingle both harmoniously and peacefully extends not only to your relationships with other people, but also in respect of places.

It is important however, that you endeavor never to allow your desire for harmony to be taken advantage of by others to the extent that you become a doormat for those around you. You might like to consider carrying a piece of bloodstone or red jasper about you as such influence can counteract that possibility.

One aspect of this May 1 birth date is that it brings total opposites into perfect balance, and this path in life infers that you should pour yourself into life, and to do so with nothing less than a total dedication.

This is a path of stewardship in the context of a spiritual gardener who must care for the charges in your life, irrespective of whatever or whoever they are.

In keeping with your personality and outlook on life, you might like to consider engaging in some form of volunteer activity. This might take the form of giving time to a children’s day care center or, a children’s hospital for example

Venus, as the ruler over your sign of Taurus, presides over all forms of artistic pursuits. Where you bring to the fore and apply your celebrated quality of steadfastness to the creative projects in your life, then your life will take of and bring forth the fruits of success.

As a May 1, you like to present yourself in a manner that makes a good impression upon others. As result, you are one who will favor good clothes, jewellery of which you are particularly fond of, and other such dress adornments.

You derive a great personal feeling of satisfaction from the feel and sensation of a piece of quality jewellery on your arm or that additional cash in your purse or wallet. With such sentiments toward personal

possessions you should give consideration the fact that in reality you do not want to become possessed by your possessions.

As a May 1, you could daydream for hours on end considering the buying or owning this or that, and in doing so, can really overlook and miss out on the many creative opportunities that life is offering you.

You should endeavor to cultivate the wealth of your own inherent potential and abilities and, in doing so, make every effort to acquire any additional training that you may need in order to achieve your given goal, whether that be for promotion in your work environment or any other aspect of your life.

The planet Mercury is also one of the May 1 birth date rulers, and Mercury reigns over the quality of communication.  This quality in life could take the form of a well set up computer operation or, for those less technical some high quality, or antique prized writing or drawing implements.

A May 1 is the type of person who knows how to relax and enjoy life. However, it is absolutely necessary that you learn to balance your desires with those practical efforts that it will take to achieve them.

The colors of saffron, turquoise, emerald green, olive green and creamy yellow all relate to the May 1 birth date, and the color of lime green in particular is one that can help to inspire and lift your spirits.

The mineral gemstones of peridot and citrine can infer strong reminders of the wonders of nature.

On the home front, under the influence of both Venus and the moon ruling over your birthday, you are one who will like and appreciates luxury and plush effects around the home.

The May 1 should fill their home with potted plants and miniature trees, and to look upon them and care for them as tender charges worthy of your love.

On the out doors front, the May 1 will appreciate a garden that incorporates numerous types flowers. Just the simple act of watering such flowers or plants in the garden environment can be particularly relaxing for the May 1. Consider daisies, larkspur, and hawthorn as these in themselves hold association with this day.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 5.

The first day of the fifth month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of harmony and balance.

The 122nd day of the year reduces to five, and the number five adds a comfort to the constant experience of change in your life. In this context the number five helps to aids your tolerance since you are the sort of person who likes to keep things in balance in your life.