Mars – Uranus conjunction


(Natal. Mars → Natal. Uranus)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Impulsive, unpredictable actions, impatience, incontinence, inability to bring the work started to the end; extremism, the ability to destroy, the tendency to break up relations; sharp criticism, sarcasm; striving for radical solutions; the danger of suicide; negligence, risk of accidents. Women tend to get divorced. The positive side is courage, the struggle for something new, for progressive ideas, revolutionary spirit; the ability to self-sacrifice; fearlessness, lack of currying favor with superiors.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Impulsiveness, haste of action, protest against all coercion, inborn revolutionaries and leaders of the organized subversive movement. They cannot stand monotony, they look for danger and adventure to tickle their nerves. Courage and determination, forgetfulness of caution, the nervous system under heavy stress, one must relax in order to recharge with energy. Any tension gives emotional satisfaction. Interest in science, technology, experiments with machines, electricity. With bad aspects – constant dangers and accidents, the desire to tickle your nerves leads to negligence, ruthlessness, special care is needed when driving a car, during experiments. If in the sign of Air there is interest in aviation, but rather technical than participation, perhaps the position of Mercury and Saturn is strong. Computer design.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Mars Conjunction: True gravity is invisible. True power is imperceptible. The conjunction with Mars gives the Planet a force that is destructive at a low level. The principle of the Planet seems to swell with energy, but, not being able to direct it constructively, it is most often realized in aggression and destruction. For example, the unworked conjunction of Mars with the Moon gives aggression to one’s own body, and with Saturn – extreme obstacles in attempts to self-penetration and concentration, for example, a window suddenly breaks with a clang and a soccer ball flies into the room. Here, working out goes not so much along the line of curbing your excess energy in the areas controlled by the Planet, although at first this skill is necessary, but along the path of refining the energy of connection, increasing the corresponding vibrations; for example, when Mars connects with the Moon, it is better not to develop muscles, but to learn how to manage psychic energy (the higher stages of hatha yoga, auto-training, etc.), and when Mars connects with Saturn, it is better to direct efforts not to fight temptations, distractions, etc. etc., but work on increasing the depth of concentration and the power of concentration. At a high level, Mars gives the Planet exactly the energy that it needs in each specific case, and qualitatively increases its creative capabilities, but this requires realizing the falsity of such an attractive principle as “strong means good” and eliminate the forceful subordination of the Planet to Mars, which is typical for low and medium levels, especially when Mars in the horoscope is stronger than the Planet (for example, when Mars and Venus are connected, a person for a long time feels and appreciates beauty only with an element of visible force). The conjunction of Uranus: The greatness of what he has done is such that it can only fit into mania. This is not an easy aspect, because in the spheres ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Uranus, a person, whether he wants it or not, from time to time becomes the guinea pig of the Absolute, whose paths are inscrutable, especially at the beginning. In general, this is a very strong aspect, and if a person manages to adapt to the rhythm of fate in the areas controlled by the Planet, and learns to read or at least pay attention to the signs of karma sent to him, he will not only save himself (and others) from many troubles, but also will show an extremely unconventional vision of the world, and, perhaps, almost brilliant ideas will visit him. Unfortunately, he will most likely greatly exaggerate their value: these diamonds need to be cut, after which a diamond of much lighter weight remains. If the connection is severely affected, then the load on the Planet may turn out to be unbearable for a person, and in the corresponding areas it will be difficult for him to remain in a socially acceptable space, i.e. many of his ideas and actions will be completely incomprehensible to other people, and the shadow of a psychiatric hospital will rise over the person … You need to learn to ground your fantasies and smooth out acute states, for which it is good to load the harmonious aspects of the Planet or its dispositor, and, as usual, the study of Saturn and the development of respect for external reality (study of the X house), as well as a sense of humor (study of Chiron ). With harmonious aspects to the Planet, this connection is most dangerous for those around, especially for those who activate the Planet; at the same time, it is with them and for them that his unexpected ingenuity, flashes of ideas and energy are manifested.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Inborn revolutionaries. They cannot stand monotony, they look for dangers and adventures. Any tension gives emotional pleasure. Interest in science, technology, experiments with machines, electricity. With bad aspects – constant dangers and accidents; special care is needed when driving a car, experiments. If the connection is in the air sign – interest in aviation, computer.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: in a person who owns the idea of battle or conquest, a craving for exploits and danger and a tendency towards extremism coexist. He is not at all interested in power, but in the goal, he wants to know the limits of his own capabilities – in order to overcome them. Overactive, he, without giving himself a break, goes straight to the goal. With poor aspect: imprudence, haste and ill-considered actions, arrogance. Often a distorted understanding of their goals, which leads to failures and misunderstandings. An example of an inflexible leader who abuses power; “Local revolutionary”. He is fickle, his actions are difficult to predict.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child has impulsiveness, haste, intolerance of any coercion or restriction. He cannot stand the monotony, he may feel a craving for very risky adventures (for example, skydiving or skiing from a springboard). Parents should not be prohibited, but encouraged, to engage in these sports after receiving appropriate instruction and serious training. He may be interested in technology, experiments with machines, electricity, computers. It is better to teach such a child according to an individual plan, in accordance with his ability to study, since he is not interested in mastering the school curriculum with others. Already in early childhood, an interest in sex issues may appear. You should help him correctly perceive these questions and teach him to think about the results and consequences of his actions.



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