Mars – Saturn conjunction


(Natal Mars → Natal Saturn)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

The most dangerous aspect in a horoscope. Impulse of action and reason are in conflict; great carelessness, a tendency to get into dangerous or conflict situations; risk of accidents; stubbornness, intractability, tendency to disputes and objections; constant dissatisfaction, ambition. Great appetite, sometimes “wolfish”; there can be cruelty and harshness, anger, hatred, rudeness. Vulgarity, pugnaciousness, rudeness. In women, it leads to celibacy. Positive manifestations of these aspects are also possible – the ability to act quickly and decisively in a dangerous situation. It is also an aspect of dangerous professions – stuntmen, firefighters. Children with such aspects in the horoscope are advised to go in for sports, train, this will help to avoid great dangers, although there is a danger of injury in sports.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

With a positive option, the ability to work hard, exert strength, endurance, resourcefulness and courage in dangerous and difficult options. Spartan habits promise good luck in the military field, where there are many dangers and discretion is needed. Dislike for people whose lives are less stressful. With bad aspects – outbursts of anger, hatred, anger, violence. Anger is explained by disappointment through Saturn in activity and self-expression. The long-hidden rage bursts out like a volcano. If there are many tense aspects to the connection, it is possible systematic deliberate destruction, lust for power, tyranny, dictatorship. Bone fractures, inflammation, skin diseases, tendency to numbness of muscles.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Mars Conjunction: True gravity is invisible. True power is imperceptible. The conjunction with Mars gives the Planet a force that is destructive at a low level. The principle of the Planet seems to swell with energy, but, not being able to direct it constructively, it is most often realized in aggression and destruction. For example, the unworked conjunction of Mars with the Moon gives aggression to one’s own body, and with Saturn – extreme obstacles in attempts to self-penetration and concentration, for example, a window suddenly breaks with a clang and a soccer ball flies into the room. Here, working out goes not so much along the line of curbing your excess energy in the areas controlled by the Planet, although at first this skill is necessary, but along the path of refining the energy of connection, increasing the corresponding vibrations; for example, when Mars connects with the Moon, it is better not to develop muscles, but to learn how to manage psychic energy (the higher stages of hatha yoga, auto-training, etc.), and when Mars connects with Saturn, it is better to direct efforts not to fight temptations, distractions, etc. etc., but work on increasing the depth of concentration and the power of concentration. At a high level, Mars gives the Planet exactly the energy that it needs in each specific case, and qualitatively increases its creative capabilities, but this requires realizing the falsity of such an attractive principle as “strong means good” and eliminate the forceful subordination of the Planet to Mars, which is typical for low and medium levels, especially when Mars in the horoscope is stronger than the Planet (for example, when Mars and Venus are connected, a person for a long time feels and appreciates beauty only with an element of visible force). Saturn conjunction: The passage of time slows down on its own. The problem is to notice it. The conjunction of the Planet with Saturn squeezes and freezes its principle; here the karmic requirement is a deep study, in particular, the release of the principle of the Planet from superficial egoistic programs that require a specific payment for any insignificant effort. For example, the conjunction of Saturn with Mercury gives a person who poorly understands things that he has not thought out, and it is useless to fight this. If a person “tries, which is very characteristic of a low level of elaboration of the aspect, to ignore the intense pressure of Saturn, which makes him think Long and carefully, then his rational thinking will literally jam, and he will lose any consideration in general, feeling the creativity of the Absolute in the form of various absurd and tragic situations, where he will find himself because of his frivolity, but in fact laziness and irresponsibility.At the beginning of the study, the connection of Saturn requires withdrawal and comprehension of the principle of the Planet within the framework of his life and life philosophy, which is often motivated by long-term external restrictions; further development is no longer under such harsh conditions as the primary one, but here voluntary humility and voluntary submission to the principle of the Planet in situations when it becomes active is required from a person, which gives very high results and a breakthrough to great creativity in the spheres ruled by the Planet, although initially it is difficult to believe , since the conjunction of Saturn gives, on the contrary, the impression of not just lack of abilities, but downright their negative value, often an inferiority complex – and at the same time an extremely strong and deep inner desire to master the principle of the Planet.

Het Monster. Aspects of

With a positive option – endurance, resourcefulness and courage in difficult situations. Spartan habits. Dislike for people whose lives are less stressful. With bad aspects – outbursts of anger, hatred, anger, violence. (In the 6th, 8th houses – the danger of violent death through poison or cold weapons.) In the 6th house, the same danger for the father. From diseases – bone fractures, inflammation, skin diseases, muscle numbness.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Conjunction: Aggressiveness originating from Mars is complemented in this case by sharpness. A person knows how to put all his strength into a jerk, he is hardy, decisive in the implementation of his plans, acts carefully and deliberately. The impulses are guided by reason and logical analysis of facts. Note. In some interpretations, the relative position of Mars and Saturn is also taken into account: if Mars precedes Saturn, all activity crashes against a wall, impulses, attraction and enterprise are blocked (this also includes the case of planetary conjunction). If Saturn precedes Mars, firmness of character spurs activity, giving it a good push.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child has endurance, resourcefulness and courage in dangerous and difficult situations. But he has a hard time controlling his energy; it looks about the same as if you press the brake with one foot and the gas pedal with the other. It is difficult for him to show feelings of anger and irritation, which can lead to physical and emotional problems. For a long time hidden by a child, rage can burst like a volcano. It is possible that the parents forbid the child to assert himself, and this can block the free process of mutual understanding between them. As they get older, they may be shy about sexual matters and feel guilty. He needs to explain that sexual sensations are a natural part of the growing up process.



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