Mars – Pluto conjunction


(Natal Mars → Natal Pluto)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Doing to rule, command; self-affirmation, diktat, the desire to plant, solve problems by force; militancy, aggressiveness, conflict; danger of violence or propensity to violence, ignorance of danger. A penchant for radical change. The positive side is enormous willpower, energy, the ability to fight and win.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Extraordinary energy and activity, access to cosmic energy sources. They can withstand more than usual and achieve more than usual. Courage and unbending will allow you to look even into the eyes of death. Whether this energy will be constructive or destructive depends on the entire horoscope, the main thing that exceeds: instincts or the solar principle of will. With the dominance of Mars – passion, greed, egocentrism, dangerous people prone to violence. Only the highly developed are able to apply the will principle of Pluto to suppress desires – then the power of regeneration, the realization of the ideals of humanity. The underdeveloped have criminality.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Mars Conjunction: True gravity is invisible. True power is imperceptible. The conjunction with Mars gives the Planet a force that is destructive at a low level. The principle of the Planet seems to swell with energy, but, not being able to direct it constructively, it is most often realized in aggression and destruction. For example, the unworked conjunction of Mars with the Moon gives aggression to one’s own body, and with Saturn – extreme obstacles in attempts to self-penetration and concentration, for example, a window suddenly breaks with a clang and a soccer ball flies into the room. Here, working out goes not so much along the line of curbing your excess energy in the areas controlled by the Planet, although at first this skill is necessary, but along the path of refining the energy of connection, increasing the corresponding vibrations; for example, when Mars connects with the Moon, it is better not to develop muscles, but to learn how to manage psychic energy (the higher stages of hatha yoga, auto-training, etc.), and when Mars connects with Saturn, it is better to direct efforts not to fight temptations, distractions, etc. etc., but work on increasing the depth of concentration and the power of concentration. At a high level, Mars gives the Planet exactly the energy that it needs in each specific case, and qualitatively increases its creative capabilities, but this requires realizing the falsity of such an attractive principle as “strong means good” and eliminate the forceful subordination of the Planet to Mars, which is typical for low and medium levels, especially when Mars in the horoscope is stronger than the Planet (for example, when Mars and Venus are connected, a person for a long time feels and appreciates beauty only with an element of visible force). Pluto’s conjunction: In pursuit of a person, rock does not set itself the task of catching up with him. In the spheres ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Pluto, a person will feel the breath of fate; with a strong energy, this breath is felt by those around him, especially those who activate the Planet. The meaning of this fate is to cleanse and renew the principle of the Planet in the form as it materializes in the fate of a person, which is determined not only by the rolling card, but also by the person’s personal choices during life. At a low level, it will seem to a person that in the spheres ruled by the Planet, he seems to be guarded by misfortunes and irrecoverable losses, and here he really should develop humility and learn to work on the higher vibrations of the corresponding currents, otherwise the most unpleasant consequences can await him (with a harmonious Planet and the map as a whole, they often overtake not him, but his immediate environment). The peculiarity of working out the conjunction with Pluto is that Pluto never believes that a person is sufficiently pure, and in the spheres of life where the principle of the Planet is active, a person will feel it well. Elaboration here is expressed in the change of tools that Pluto uses: a trash can and a tank, a broom and a scoop, or a brush and tissue paper. At a high level, this aspect gives a deep penetration into the existential problems of the house, where the connection stands, as well as the spheres ruled by the Planet, the ability to very finely work out its principle and the ability to solve large karmic problems in the corresponding areas with minor influences.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Extraordinary energy, activity, access to cosmic energy sources. They can withstand loads much higher than usual and achieve much more. Courage and unbending will allow even to look into the eyes of death. Whether this energy will be constructive or destructive depends on the entire horoscope. Under the dominant Mars – passion, greed, egocentrism, a tendency to violence. With a good Pluto – a strong will, fast regeneration, a successful striving for the realization of the ideals of humanity.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: pressure and activity; a person uses them to seize power or influence people – but secretly, latently. Sometimes it is beneficial if there is a desire for renewal and change. Exceptional willpower, occasionally softened by mercy. Often, everything is complicated by a guilt complex associated with the awareness of rigidity, mental deafness, rooted somewhere inside.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child has extraordinary energy and activity, perhaps even a sense of omnipotence. He can achieve more than usual and endure more. He should learn to control his strong desires. He can creatively turn his anger or his irritation into positive feelings through sports or other activities. It is necessary to support the child in his efforts to help other people or animals in pain. Such a child will be more likely than others to experience a craving for sexual experiments.



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