Mars in the 6th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Energy and dexterity in work, especially in handling sharp tools or powerful machines. Difficult and energetic work, they do not like loafers, they work dexterously and accurately, they are proud of the results of their labor. Often the tendency to chase after trifles, the forest is not seen for the trees. Whatever work you do, you put all your energy into it and do not feel empathy for people who cannot cope with the load. At times, work becomes your passion, and you surrender yourself beyond measure. You can also be overly demanding of the people you work with. If your energy is not invested in a job or career, you can become a health fanatic and devote yourself to it as selflessly and perhaps overly.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The causes of a person’s ailments are insufficient or excessive physical activity. Usually the accumulation of energy is associated with the sign where Mars stands, and causes discomfort in the organs for which this sign is responsible. Recommendations: dosed physical activity, energy treatments, acupuncture. A person can become a physical education instructor, a good doctor (surgeon, dentist, massage therapist). Conflicts often arise in the service. The stronger Mars, the more a person is inclined to quarrel with his superiors, to bend his line, but he does not shy away from hard, laborious work. Rarely leads a large team, prefers to do everything himself. Likes to command, but is not able to maintain normal relations in a large team. Large domestic animals (hunting dogs or other predators).

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Working up to the seventh sweat, you not only fulfill your karmic duty, but also remove toxins from the body. This person should never be equal to others. The pile of earth he dug will always be significantly larger than that of other people digging nearby, and it should be so. When he starts to work, he feels an extraordinary surge of strength, and when there is none, a decline, which, however, does not mean at all that he will work fruitfully, joyfully and with full satisfaction all his life. Much here depends on the aspects of Mars, which will show the obstacles, abilities and possibilities of applying forces, but the level of elaboration of the VI house and Mars is much more important. At a low level, a person will rush as an enemy, not at work, but at the employer, considering him to be a malicious exploiter, and himself as an exploited proletarian. Then, when life humbles him and still forces him to work, he will consider himself unjustly offended by fate, especially if there is no Mars trine to the II house and the corresponding material rewards for his work. If, however, Mars in the 6th house is not worked out, a person develops a strong complex of inability to do something, which can be repressed and overcompensated (position: “if anyone can work, it’s me, but why should I try”). Unfortunately, it is difficult to live without the energy of Mars, and if the house where it stands is not worked out, a person falls into depression, or finds a way out of his unrealized energy in destructive and asocial actions. This person must actively maintain their health, which does not mean that it will be weak; just normally, he should be very healthy and energetic, which requires physical exercise with sufficient stress, and without this, diseases are possible. With the defeat of Mars, gymnastic exercises should be quite specific in appearance and load. Diseases are associated with an imbalance in the energy flow, which can be regulated by self-hypnosis during illness and recovery.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people are decisive, able to take responsibility. They are beautiful, sexually strong, good at debates, in sports, good at litigation. They are demanding or domineering, imperative. Achieve success far from where they were born; enjoy being in a rustic setting.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Diseases of the stomach, generally poor health (depending on the sign).

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Illness and treatment. The disease here is provoked by the “sharp corners” of reality. Fever, fever, rashes, cuts and other sudden or dramatic changes in the state of health, the connection of infectious infection with the occurrence of deep disorders are more clearly emphasized here than in the case of the position in this house of other planets. Excesses or undirected anger are traps. Psychologically speaking, your desires and masculinity are possible areas for misunderstanding or over-excitability. This is true both for your own desires and for the desires of others. The specific vulnerability pattern depends on other factors of the state of Mars (sign, aspects and general planetary configuration), however, we can assume that you will fight with “wanting”. The challenge is to pave the way for your desire. Both the causes and the treatment of the disease are related to your vital self-expression. Unequal relationships. You fight inequality and you fight others for power and position. In a given position of Mars, interactions that are completely harmless from the point of view of other people, often end in an insult to the honor and dignity of the individual. Moreover, the insult is inflicted either on your feelings, or on the feelings of people who communicate with you. As if a sign of power and authority is pinned to your chest, as if something constantly excites you, like a red flag bull. The challenge for you is to learn to judge which obedience rituals are acceptable and which are offensive. Confronting the insult is imperative. However, fighting simply because two persons are not equal is a waste of precious life energy. Duty and service. You strive to help other people. This aspiration has a surgical connotation: you want to penetrate deeply and cut off everything unnecessary with the sharp edge of your desire. You look for blockages or areas of resistance, break through walls, no matter how difficult it is for you to do it. Remember, though, that you are dealing with people, not problems that need to be dealt with, or walls that need to be torn down. You want to work wonders, but don’t bite off more cake than you can chew. Service is your basic desire, so it would be very good for you to choose a profession related to helping people. This allows, through interactions, to spread the heat emanating from you among many people and turn your scalpel into a wonderful instrument, thus ensuring that you do not harm any individual person with too many repetitive “operations”. Technical thinking. Your thinking is ardent and purposeful. The speed of your thinking is impressive; you learn eagerly if you can grasp the heart of a question, idea, or process. However, know that the desire that drives your thinking can confuse you. You strive so hard to get to the end of a logical sequence that you can make the mistake of sometimes presenting an important step in the best light. Remember, the program will not work until all errors are found and fixed. Your mind is best suited for solving basic and well-defined problems; this is where you manifest yourself. If the situation is reversed or too confusing, then frustration can stifle desire and you lose interest in the problem before a solution is found. The challenge is to focus your thinking on the present. Discipline and patterns. Your templates and programs are often perceived as a continuous series of confrontation. You pursue a problem until it is resolved or until it is exhausted, and then you turn your attention to another problem. In the case of Mars in the 6th house, your lifestyle is not so much regular as imperative. You can be openly irregular in behavior, always living on someone’s support, wanting to accomplish more than you are likely to be able to accomplish; however, as long as you have something to do and your attitude towards victories does not change, the feeling of happiness does not leave you.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is a very hardworking person – both mentally and physically. But his tendency to overstrain and overwork can be bad for health. It seems to everyone that he is in a hurry to live, as he expects too much from his colleagues. In the absence of temperament control, serious problems can arise in relations with employees. A large supply of vitality allows you to manifest yourself in the sports field. The defeat of the planet is associated with headaches, severe fevers, burns and accidents. Shows high energy and enviable dexterity in working with cutting tools and powerful mechanisms. Gravitates to work in heavy industry and healthcare. The aspect is often found in mechanics, machinists and surgeons. Deals with the most difficult tasks with energy. He does not like lazy people, he works dexterously and accurately, and therefore is proud of the results of his labor. Overvoltage predisposes to industrial accidents, exhaustion, accidental injury and acute irritability. Often such people try to keep up with the little things, not seeing the forest behind the trees. Their life is full of conflicts with employees and bosses, in quarrels with which they are drawn against their will. Such workers are very enthusiastic and very active. But they tend to be overzealous, especially when exploiting others. Diseases are associated with immoderation, imprudence and negligence. Frequent cuts and injuries are possible, minor injuries can result in serious inflammation. Diseases are rapid and rapid. Surgical pathology can be life-threatening.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Libido planets Mars and Venus have only superficial, transient influences in partnerships and only in rare cases are decisive factors. We will see this below, considering the mutual aspects of partners. Only when the libido-planets of the two partners form more or less precise major aspects to each other, it is very likely that sex is the main connecting force. But when the libido-planets of one of the partners aspect some of the other planets of the other, sex is not so dominant. The latter is much more common. Libido planets play different roles in the charts of men and women. In the male chart, Mars symbolizes the libido of the person himself and therefore is included in his image of “I”. The main theme of the 6th house is the struggle for existence. For the libido planets, this is not the best position. Sexuality in this house is out of place. If, for example, a person is sexually aroused at the wrong time or in the wrong place, this undermines his security. And if he gives a go to his sexual interests, he will earn a bad reputation. The 6th house is good ground for hypocrisy, i.e. for morality, not based on sincere ethical convictions, but designed to protect us from the condemnation of others. We are constantly concerned about our reputation, what our neighbors will say, what they want or do not want to hear or see. We are afraid of being blacklisted because it will threaten our existence. The libido planet in the 6th house is equipped with “brakes and mufflers” of sexual attraction; our healthy drives are suppressed. There is no sexual accent in clothing and manners. All that we allow ourselves in society is a mild form of verbal sex. With the libido-planet of the opposite sex in the 6th house, we are looking for a companion who will be useful and support us in practical terms, and we hope that he will be with us in all circumstances, good and bad. This applies to Venus in the male chart and Mars in the female chart. Having a libido-planet of the same sex in the 6th house, we want our partner to carry their burden and help us in the struggle for existence.If Mars and Venus are in the 6th house in conjunction in a strong position and close to Neptune, this can give sanctimonious moralism that makes us pretend that sex doesn’t interest us at all. As a result, we may, as compensation, become addicted to secretly spying on the intimate relationships of other people in order to at least indirectly experience sexual pleasures that we have denied ourselves. Luna in the 6th house can give such behavior, but only when her own sexuality is strongly blocked by rigid aspects.


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