Mars in the 3rd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Aggressiveness and activity of the intellect, great mobility of the mind, quick reaction in difficult situations, a tendency to indirect conclusions. In a conversation, they can be very straightforward, sarcastic. Many reporters and political commentators. They often work in communications and transport. Witty, sharp-tongued, you like to debate, challenge the opinions of other people. You are completely outspoken and sometimes tactless. You can be very persuasive in defending your point of view, but you value a tough approach too much, which sometimes hurts you. Active mental work is good for your aggressive intelligence.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The energy of a person is dissipated, it is difficult for him to get down to business properly and bring it to the end. Characterized by a high speed of physical reaction, ease and speed, active communication. Expressing thoughts vigorously. This is a favorable position for the formulation of thought – the thought is honed. Craving for controversy. Information exchange is used for self-affirmation. It is difficult to convince a person, he is inclined to impose his opinion, too harsh in his statements. Communication with high-speed transport. Accidents and injuries in transport are possible. Loss of brothers. Quarrels with neighbors.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Someone else’s gaze is not always offending, murder is not always a challenge. This person will have very active interactions with people in general, but in a different way than with Mercury in the III house, when they go mainly mentally, through thoughts and conversations. In this case, the emphasis is on energy, action, and direct work. If you interest this person, he will come close to you, take by the button and push his idea (or his entire personality) into you by force, breaking all protective layers without exception. With the defeat of Mars, a person will (often deeply repressed) feel hostility or outright aggression of the social environment. Misanthropy is possible and, of course, one’s own aggression, often unmotivated. With a harmonious Mars, man succeeds in difficult social interactions; he has good elbow skills. In general, this person is not indifferent to other people, which at a low level finds expression in chatter and demagoguery, as well as active attempts to rake in the heat with someone else’s hands. When speaking about the location of Mars in the map, one should always take into account the degree of its realization; unrealized Mars gives acute frustrations (often repressed: you have to live!) in the circumstances associated with the house where it stands. In this case, a person needs satisfactory contacts with people in general, which largely depends on himself and is not determined by the horoscope. Training takes place on strong energy currents and often takes on the character of military operations, in which the student usually loses. In a harmonious version, great learning abilities, diligence and hard work (with a weak and unworked Saturn – for a short time). But this is a teacher with good energy, capable of impressing his students. It is important for him to measure his energy with the energy of the student, or at least try not to completely forget about his existence. When working out, great opportunities for teaching difficult subjects to difficult students.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

Classical texts mention courage, accidents or accidents in travel, the loss of brothers, and the ability to work hard for money. These people are good speakers, they can handle machines well. One can also note the ability to fight disease and the spirit of a pioneer, a pioneer. They acquire property through inheritance or through their own efforts. There can be agricultural success.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

A quarrelsome character, failures in the literary field.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Surrounding people and objects. The position of Mars in the 3rd house indicates that your assertive energy is directed towards daily activities in your immediate environment. you “shoot” yourself into the world. Depending on the sign Mars is in, this process can be thought of as a focused, laser-like manipulation of the environment, or it can be like a shot from a hunting rifle, a sheaf of shot, covering a wide range of activities. But regardless of the caliber of the charge and its mass, Mars indicates the impulse for real action; indicates a person who must make his way, push himself into the external environment. As a self-winding person, you are almost always busy confronting obstacles or problems in your environment. The tasks you solve are usually designed for a short time frame and almost instantaneous results after the completion of work. The task is to maintain personal emotional stability, to regulate the energies of desires so that they retain the spirit of competition, but would always be balanced and impartial. Learn ways to physically release aggression, conquer your environment but don’t destroy it, and remember that humans are more than objects on the battlefield. You are a mental warrior passionately pursuing the task of finding and capturing the essence of information. Your thinking is shrewd, even pugnacious in its desire to defend the essence of the matter, making its way through all the absurdities to its core, and defeat opponents with an excellent command of the mental weapon – the “sword” of discerning perception and the “shield” of logic. However, sometimes mental play becomes more important than truth, and the trap of mental vanity can lead to dishonor: the distortion of facts in their favor. The challenge is to use the Reason as a surgical tool to cut off the heaps of deception and reveal the deep truth and, ultimately, the wisdom hidden at the very heart of truth. Curiosity. Curiosity here is razor sharp, like a siren blast that mobilizes your essence. Curiosity is a very fundamental drive, and no doubt you provoke it without hesitation. The relationship between subject and object is interesting: at first, the object that grabs your attention excites you, but as soon as you realize your desire, then the object turns into a stimulus that makes you find out what attracted your attention. The object turns from a source of curiosity into a goal. Education. Physical ability often develops very early on, and all sports and games are excellent learning tools. However, the ability to get along with other people is probably not one of the easy aspects of such a situation on the planet, because aggression and territorial claims are strong enough in the normal socialization of a person. The initial learning process is an arena of conflict, but curiously, the effect is often positive because conflict can lead to the development of sharp and discerning thinking. Your voice is open, prompting, and often harsh. Here the emphasis is on qualities such as speed and power, rather than beauty and form. The words themselves, as well as the style of the message, are chosen to produce maximum impact, and it often seems that words literally fly out of the speaker’s mouth. You solve all matters with confidence, avoiding omissions and doubts. Confrontation replaces beat, loudness replaces grace, because mental competition is the leitmotif of communication, your ambition is the desire for mental victory. Other people should not start a conversation with you unless they are prepared for even the slightest battle.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Impulsive, convincing, restless and straightforward, he never goes into his pocket for a word. He is inclined to bravely defend his relatives. The process of thinking is of great importance for such a person. He is aggressively curious and curious in actions and contacts. Often shows tactlessness, impatience and over-criticism of others. Always full of good and interesting ideas, but due to nervousness, general anxiety and excessive activity, he often overlooks important details. With the defeat of the planet, the absence of brothers and sisters is possible, as well as sharp ups and downs in the early years of life. The intellect is active, assertive and aggressive, the mind is mobile and inventive. Also, a person is able to indirectly come to important conclusions based on a small number of facts. In difficult situations, he reacts to what is happening almost instantly. In a conversation, he is very straightforward and sarcastic, passionately striving to receive and transmit information. Possible inclination to engage in journalism, commentary and political activities. Often associated with communication systems, vehicles and publishing. Everything is done impulsively, headlong and without delay “on the back burner.” Everyday work is full of travel, travel and meetings. The misuse of energy leads to recklessness in everything from driving to relationships with superiors. Such a person is inclined not to notice his own stupidity, sometimes denies his passion for arguments and quarrels, with difficulty analyzing the difficulties arising in contacts, does not like to correct his mistakes and often, trying to offend competitors, falls into caustic sarcasm. When traveling, he is susceptible to hazards and accidents. Has a gift of persuasion and seeks to get rid of custody early. The mind is energetic and lively, shrewd and warlike. Such a person is quick and agile in speech and very effective in the literary and pedagogical field. With the defeat of the planet, a tendency to suicide or violence against others is possible. Such a person is very inventive and multilaterally gifted. He strives for independence by all means, egoism in him is combined with efficiency and determination. Losses can be associated with incorrect paperwork and careless signing of dubious agreements. The main problem of life is the recklessness of actions and the contradiction between lofty views and base instincts. Such a person is always in rivalry with relatives and at enmity with the world around him. He is prone to active literary activity, which, however, brings him a lot of headaches and constant troubles. Lawsuits and travel can be very dangerous for him. When the planet is defeated, he is self-willed and quarrelsome.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Libido planets Mars and Venus have only superficial, transient influences in partnerships and only in rare cases are decisive factors. We will see this below, considering the mutual aspects of partners. Only when the libido planets of the two partners form more or less precise major aspects to each other, it is very likely that the main connecting force is sex .. But when the libido planets of one of the partners aspect some of the other planets of the other, sex is not so dominates. The latter is much more common. Libido planets play different roles in the charts of men and women. In the male chart, Mars symbolizes the libido of the person himself and therefore is included in his image of “I.” A man with Mars in the 3rd house is often a person who knows everything and is just a storehouse of information on a variety of topics. He is talkative, self-confident, and usually quite fast. In a woman’s chart, this position of Mars usually means attraction to educated men, preferably with a university education. The third house is a mobile house, moreover, related to the element of air, therefore it gives lightness to Mars and Venus. Here they do not value consistency very highly, but they also do not see the need to go to bed with everyone. Sexual attraction is very important here, and the owner of the libido planet in the 3rd house should be aware of this: you cannot go through life with your eyes closed. A man with Mars in the 3rd house definitely appreciates the diversity of his love life. His Mars is extroverted and moves a lot in society. But very often he has more words than deeds. These men (as well as women with Venus in the 3rd house) are prone to verbal sex: they like to talk about sex and generally about eroticism, for example, telling jokes. Verbal sex is a pleasant pastime for them and, unlike real sex, has no undesirable consequences. With libido planets in the III house, the idea of the desired partner is constantly changing in accordance with one’s own momentary mood, as well as with the public mood – the III house is very dependent on the tastes and judgments of other people.



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