Mars in the 2nd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Active pursuit of financial success and material values. Thanks to their efficiency, they make good money, but they also like to spend, emptying their cash register, without having time to fill it. Always want to surpass others. The profession can be related to technology. You often shop on impulse and may be reckless with material resources and money. You have some kind of property to which you are extremely attached.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person is attracted to things by the possibility of direct use – tools, especially stabbing, cutting; maybe a means of transportation; everything made of iron is made of metal; any things with which you can actively influence the external environment. He always has a sharp or metal object at hand. Accumulates tools and work skills, skill in handling things. Likes to deal with inert matter and to process it. A big waste of strength and energy. Raising funds, money issues turn into a “battlefield”. When the planet is defeated – greed, the desire to snatch more. Waste of forces and means prevails. The danger of wasted labor. There is a desire to work, but cannot constructively realize it. Draws energy from the fire element. Prefers dense food, meat products.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A real warrior is concerned with his fighting spirit, not the composition and armament of the enemy army. Mars in the 2nd house in a symbolic confinement. Here the outside world is very active and often aggressive in moments when a person is completely unprepared for this, and his attention is scattered. The external environment, especially when Mars is defeated, is quite hostile, it is difficult to get used to it, but it is necessary to learn how to defend yourself. This is the position of a warrior who must always be ready, so that the enemy who appears from nowhere does not catch him by surprise. At the same time, the person himself is quite active in the outside world, and defends his values and achieves them very energetically, especially with a strong Mars or Mars in the male sign. He is impressed by physical strength and, in general, the manifestations of strength available to his level: from military to spiritual, but it is perhaps the most difficult for him to realize the power of gentleness and love. Here defeat gives a strong phobia, since the external environment as a whole is subconsciously the enemy, and it is not possible to localize it. The study proceeds along the path of mastering the higher types of energy and gradually establishing relations with the environment, for which you need to learn to understand it well. At the same time, one of the significant obstacles will be the discrepancy in personal and social value systems, poor understanding of situations in general that arise around a person. They are perceived to be much more hostile-aggressive than they are; with the same distortions, the person himself is perceived by the environment.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This disposition indicates people who are talkative, loving arguments. They are proficient in mathematics, make money through real estate, have an interest in politics and say what they think frankly. They sing or have the ability to work on the radio. Usually they leave their parents in their youth, or their parents separate. They are characterized by a violation of marital fidelity; they go through periods of poverty but become richer later in life. They are also characterized by dental diseases, a tendency to smoke, a huge appetite, a critical nature.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Energy, hard work; extravagance can ruin a good financial situation, acquired by one’s own labor.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-esteem. The position of Mars in the 2nd house indicates that judging oneself includes concepts such as “desire” and “struggle”. You must assert yourself in order to gain personal value. You have to make your way to her and often fight for her. Even general battles can take place around the topic of self-esteem, arguments that originated somewhere inside can surface. Self-directed anger is a trap, and the task is to aggressively destroy negative feelings if you find yourself believing them; burn them in a flame of desire for the sake of good feelings and progressive constructive movement. You expend considerable energy to own property. You must fight in local battles for what belongs to you. You attach great importance to conquests, because you want to prove your character through territorial expansion. Usually, you focus your energies on acquiring, not protecting or preserving property. The challenge is to keep moving forward, moving through possessions without looking back, and to view the topic of property as a field of honor and glory. The acquisition and waste of monetary resources is a source of significant heat spreading within your personality. At times you feel it and it manifests itself in the form of ardent interest, and sometimes in the form of evil aggression. Money is often a theater of war, where the courage and ability of the self to assert itself is proven. You very much desire to have personal funds and the power that they give, since wealth is a symbol of victory, sometimes it is also used as a weapon in the struggle for personal success, although the main area of its use is as an accelerator, which allows you to quickly move forward. The task is to compete in full force, but according to the rules. Remember that this competition is mainly with yourself and not with other people. You are like a racehorse who loves to run. Long, hard work is not for you; you look more like a sprinter than a stayer. Your natural, natural urge is to race straight to a clearly visible finish line. You are not a craftsman, because you are not interested in precise, exquisite and detailed work. Mistakes are inevitable, often you do not notice them, which forces you to stop performing some types of work. For such a position of the planet, physical work with a powerful emotional component is ideal; you should also note your nose for crisis situations, here you are “at the height of the situation.” Do not avoid obstacles, fight your way through them, solving problems in turn, and not all at once. The challenge is to keep your motivation, your drive high, and to face challenges. Your feeling and desire go hand in hand. Pleasures are not emphasized here at all, as in the case of Venus, but instead there is an ardent fire awakened by contact. This fire grows from spark to flame and can turn into a violent fire of activity and kinetic urge. Desire and emotional heat are experienced more bodily than mentally, because the physical world is a natural arena for aggression. The catch is that these explosive energies can sometimes disrespect your body when you touch the battlefield rather than the source of pleasure. The challenge is to use sensuality for self-affirmation purposes, as senses, sensors of the soul, but also not to forget that all-encompassing sexuality includes much more than simple bodily contact. It can begin with bodily contact, but must end with the interaction of souls.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person can easily become rich through his own labor. He works hard to get a better financial position and always earns good money. He spends money without restriction and embarrassment, and therefore is reputed to be generous and open to the needs of others. If desires are not fulfilled in a short time, he tends to quickly lose patience. Loves work that brings quick income. He is inclined towards engineering and technical professions, interested in military and public service. May be the owner of a loud, rude, deafening voice. The defeat of the planet is associated with the inability to preserve what is available, hence the frequent financial and property crises. Such a person actively and selflessly strives for financial success and material wealth. He is very businesslike and quick, but spends as quickly as he earns. He needs to learn to control his expenses. He likes to run his own business on his own, he is inclined not to join existing enterprises, but to found his own. She loves competition of a financial and business nature, strives to gain prestige by openly demonstrating her profit and success. Always wants to surpass others. He fights fiercely in the name of protecting his personal property, falls into immense indignation when others want to take what is available from him. But I am ready to give my good myself, if it will be beneficial in the future and will make a good impression. The misuse of energies leads to the formation of obsessive greed, obsession with stinginess and banal theft. It is as if wealth flows through such a person – he does not know how to keep what he has received, although from time to time he receives a lot. All profits are due only to their own energy, personal activity, individual skill and expended forces. Often enters into a serious struggle when sharing income with partners. This person is reckless, eccentric and reckless in financial matters. He seems to have good powers, but bad inclinations. He has a lot of money, but does not become rich, since the ability to earn money is combined with mismanagement, indecision in taking on financial responsibility and excessive generosity, as well as recklessness in investing. The ability to make money is combined with extravagance, money is not appreciated, only the process of obtaining it is important. Therefore, life goes on in battles and crises, it is very difficult to find a balance point between constant bankruptcies and unexpectedly appearing arrays of earned funds. The person is hardworking, efficient, very energetic. But at the same time, he is carefree, frivolous, careless and careless in financial matters.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Libido planets Mars and Venus have only superficial, transient influences in partnerships and only in rare cases are decisive factors. We will see this below, considering the mutual aspects of partners. Only when the libido-planets of the two partners form more or less precise major aspects to each other, it is very likely that sex is the main connecting force. But when the libido-planets of one of the partners aspect some of the other planets of the other, sex is not so dominant. The latter is much more common. Libido planets play different roles in the charts of men and women. In the male chart, Mars symbolizes the libido of the person himself and therefore is included in his image of “I.” Libido-planets in this house, as in the opposite VIII, encourage to remain faithful to the partner. In this house, the instinct of ownership is strongly expressed, and having libido-planets in it, we want the partner not to go beyond certain boundaries in his behavior and belong only to us. Mars in the II house in a man’s card can encourage him to advertise his wealth: he tries to impress lady with material abundance. And a woman with Mars in the II house is drawn to rich men and seeks (as a rule, quite deliberately) to find a husband who will provide her with confidence in the future.