Mars in the 10th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Striving for fame, position. A career is made with ambition and energy, wanting to reach the very heights in politics, management, technology. People around you are probably well aware of your pressure, energy, ambition, and the spirit of competition. A successful career is likely for you where you can take the initiative, be a leader or show off your physical strength and prowess. You definitely always want to be a winner and will spare no effort.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– indicates careerism, great ambition. A person takes responsibility, strives to take a leading position. The vocation is to open new paths in any kind of activity. A pioneer in his field. Relations with the “top” are uneven. Firefighter, loader, mechanical engineering worker, sportsman, businessman, dentist.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A blow of fate to the forehead means that her kicks in the ass did not have the effect. Disposer of the X House climaxes. At a low level, this person will set himself goals and tasks that will require a lot of work and energy to complete, possibly much more than it seems to him at the moment of choice. When working out, on the contrary, he will spend a lot of energy on the correct formulation of the problem, after which it will be much easier to solve it. If Mars is not very impressed, then when talking with the boss or subordinates, he will be decisive and businesslike. But with the defeat of Mars, strong fear and humiliation in front of the boss is possible, combined with rudeness and cruelty towards those below. If the 6th house is weak, then this person will have a serious danger of becoming a projector, direct all his work to the formation of his goals, not caring about their implementation. Working out gives the ability to see the future well and make intense, but realizable plans for yourself and others; this person can give advice on such a difficult issue as choosing the most correct direction of efforts, and with the aspect of the X house to the second, and money. In principle, he has a strong sense of responsibility for his choice, but, especially with the defeat of Mars, he will be tempted to blame others for his mistakes, doing this the more energetically, the more he is guilty. He gives advice energetically, and just as energetically proves to his voluntary and involuntary counselors that they do not understand (and cannot understand) anything about his problems. The lack of freedom is acutely experienced, especially when the direct activity and practical purposeful activity are clamped.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Success in the military, failure in any other career.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Collective responsibility. You have a strong desire to enter the space of collective responsibility. The desire is very powerful, the energy is seething, so on the way to gaining power in society, you may have to endure many battles. Your desire to prove your own courage is met with resistance. On occasion, you may be accused of being irresponsible, or, more likely, you will simply not be allowed to turn around in full force. You are so impetuous that sometimes you create opposition. As a result, you are faced with an intractable paradox. How can you be both adult and young at the same time? The challenge is to show responsibility by steadfastly refusing to make concessions. Do not stop moving forward until you reach the corridors of power, but when this happens, change aggression to patience. There is a time for fighting and there is a time for a peaceful life. Professional ambition. You work hard to achieve success, fighting any obstacles that stand in the way of your ambition. While pursuing career issues, you may take random actions that will harm your image. However, a small stain on your reputation will not dampen your desire to have what you want. “Cross this line if you are brave” or “shake that sliver off my shoulder” are the impulses you sometimes feel. Your profession should release your seething energy. Don’t spend time at the office desk. Of course, you don’t have to be a loader either – you only need to move fairly quickly from place to place, to change interactions. A task. – to reach the goal, to succeed, and then to relax and enjoy the success. Missions and messages. There is an expressive assertiveness in your behavior. You represent the Warrior archetype. We sense your desire, your frustrations and conflicts – the masculine side of your nature, and we remember the importance of these primary urges. This does not mean that we will certainly want what you want, or that we will accept your methods of self-expression. The symbolism of this position does not guarantee the satisfaction of your desires, for Mars does not accept the fulfillment of desires. It symbolizes a youthful impulse, strong and often fragile energies, proving the bravery of a person in the battle with the world. We learn this from your example. A parent who is “externally connected” with a person. Your father was very courageous, almost rude towards you. You competed with each other, fought for dominance, as if from the moment you were born you were divided by the shadow of the glove of challenge. None of you could win, but you were at a very disadvantage because you were small. As a result, your father very much intimidated you. Even so, you learned to fight hard, as if your life was at stake. The trap is long-term anger at your father, and in extreme cases, hatred. However, another option is possible. Your relationship can be colored by the harsh energy exchange between you and your father, and nothing more. Making full use of this energy is a challenge. Authority. Probably, your authority is marked by the trait of a spontaneous, natural desire for power, an instinctive sense of leadership. Perhaps your relationships with people are imbued with an atmosphere of military mobility, so that you easily accept orders from your superiors, and issue orders with subordinates with equal speed. But if your life experience was frustrated, if you walk through life like in the jungle, then you can become aggressive in the struggle for power, provoking conflicts with the people around you. Remember, people are not enemies.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

In his social activities, such a person turns out to be surprisingly contradictory. He is active and constant, guided by noble motives, thanks to an amazing driving force, he can perfectly fulfill his duties. For the sake of accelerating career advancement, I am ready to put a lot of work and effort. The misuse of energies can lead to a loss of prestige, so he should carefully guard and protect his reputation. Separation from the father is possible due to his excessive dominance. The aspect is conducive to military and technical pursuits. The desire for fame and high position is irresistible. Such a person seeks to occupy the highest positions in politics, management and engineering. The career is carried out with ambition and rare energy. He is a proactive, agile and assertive political leader. Professional ambition sooner or later makes him famous. The defeat of the planet creates the temptation to come to power through dishonest machinations, rigging and a struggle waged without rules. If hidden negative actions are discovered, there is a danger of overthrowing and spreading bad word. Excessive material and financial ambition, a tendency to ignore ordinary human values and a thirst for power at any cost are possible. Impulsiveness and passion, the power of instincts and indomitable will can prevail over prudence and intelligence. Excessive desire for independence and aggressive self-manifestation lead to major strife and great disorder. The spirit of freedom and passion for conquest at times prompts such a person to act at their own expense. He is prone to wastefulness and going to extremes. There is a great danger of disagreements with parents, high-profile scandals and unexpected discrediting. There is an excess of courage, enterprise and personal energy. Such a person is always able to find a job for himself. He is inclined to achieve success in activities that correspond to the nature of Mars. Income is acquired through business acumen. The effectiveness of career advancement is associated with courage, administrative ability, and the ability to motivate others. Receiving a large inheritance from his father is not excluded. Success is associated with engineering, engraving, architecture, constructive work, the profession of a surgeon and the metal trade. Such a person, being in a crowd, in a critical situation turns out to be the most decisive and fearless. He is very pretentious and prone to dictatorship. Skepticism and criticism are combined with quick judgment and high self-confidence. The main cause of defeat is restless aggression and convulsive impatience. The obsessive desire for seizure and personal freedom is weakening. Life is full of ups and downs. The property and financial situation is unstable. Such a person is capricious and passionate, often quarrels with his superiors, and therefore risks losing the position he has achieved. He is professionally active, but the propensity to fight for existence steadily increases the intensity of conflicts. Such a person asserts himself in power and finds himself in the awareness of power. He is violent and prone to coercion of others, his inexhaustible spiritual, mental and physical energy eternally worries and worries the inner world, spurring and inciting, prompting and encouraging to intellectual and physical activity. In a team, such a person is often disharmonious and prone to confrontation. Even small conflicts run the risk of ending in crushing discord and catastrophic rupture. All professional life is full of struggle and competition. It is difficult for such a person to find a suitable job for himself or to stay in the workplace for a long time. His character is unbridled and poorly controlled. Such a person is distinguished by many interests and inclinations, a wide range of abilities and capabilities. He is easily excitable, quickly irritated, is distinguished by persistent purposefulness, exactingness to himself and exactingness to others. Almost always he overestimates the available opportunities and available forces. This incessant inner worry determines sweeping fluctuations: from bad to good and back. Both successes and failures are internal. Stability is not typical for such a person’s life.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Libido planets Mars and Venus have only superficial, transient influences in partnerships and only in rare cases are decisive factors. We will see this below, considering the mutual aspects of partners. Only when the libido-planets of the two partners form more or less precise major aspects to each other, it is very likely that sex is the main connecting force. But when the libido-planets of one of the partners aspect some of the other planets of the other, sex is not so dominant. The latter is much more common. Libido planets play different roles in the charts of men and women. In the male chart, Mars symbolizes the libido of the person himself and therefore is included in his image of “I.” In the X house we again meet with concern about status. But here is not a desire to achieve status, but such a state, as if we already have it and should behave accordingly. The idea of what exactly our status requires is, of course, subjective and relative. Most importantly, we adhere to our own standards and do not allow any attacks on them. At X, we work hard to achieve power, want to have leadership, or at least take a position so that others do not dominate us. In the X house, a person strives to be a strong person and stand firmly on his feet. At the same time, we have no right to ignore the rights of those below us. In the X house, we constantly feel that others are watching and appreciating. Alas, all those in power should look back at their voters, subordinates or subjects. In the X house, Mars in the male chart or Venus in the female chart require compliance with the gender role adopted in this society. For example, a man should show masculinity, but not so much in a sensual as in a social sense. He must know what is expected of a “real” man, and in the X house this is by no means sexual charm, but efficiency and efficiency, not sexually tinged. Such a person knows that as a “real man” he must successfully conduct business and direct them with a confident hand. When he starts something, others must be sure that the business will be completed; when planning something, others can have confidence that the goal will be achieved. And it is not proper for him to turn to the opinion of others to make sure that his actions are correct. This is male behavior in the 10th house. A woman with Mars in the X house will look for just such a man and, quite possibly, will strive for a marriage that will give her a certain status. Her partner must be socially promising for their life to be a success story, best of all, with a dizzying rise to fame and fortune. A woman with Venus in VI is a suitable partner for this type of man. She does everything in her power to help him achieve the desired success. Unfortunately, such a man, especially with Mars or Pluto in X-th, can forget what he owes to a tireless and devoted wife as soon as he stops needing her, and start looking for another woman more suitable for his new status. In both cases, on a planet of the opposite sex in the X house, it is important for us that the partner is correct in manners, without sexual accents, indecent or inappropriate colors in clothes: Mars in the X house for a man and Venus in it for a woman require that clothes be sustained in a strict classical style and in accordance with common sense. With a planet of the opposite sex in the X house, a partner must reinforce our appearance as solid, worthy, reliable citizens.


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