March 9 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Moon

The Astrological Interpretation

As a March 9 Pisces you will generally be inclined to act from behind the scenes and, in this respect, you often form the unifying force within your circle or group of people.

Try not being too concerned if some of the folk around you fail to understand your actions and motivations.

You have the ability to gain the support in your life that you need; and to achieve this all you have to do is to make your needs known to those around you.

On some occasions you will deliberately avoid doing this because you will have a reluctance to reveal your true nature and intent.

Under these circumstances you may then begin to wonder why it is that everyone around you appears to be getting ahead when you are left aside in a somewhat obscure position.

In many ways the March 9 Pisces is a person whose emotions will stay hidden from view and yet they can run very deep.

It is unlikely therefore that you will ever be someone who wears your heart on your sleeve. However, if you keep a few roses close by you may find it easier to express your feelings when it is really important.

The March 9 birth date holds a strong connection to the Sephira Gerburah (the Tree of Life) and as this can relate to people born this day, you are extremely likely to be very physical and to have a violent temper.

Folks born on this day of March 9 should invest in a punching bag as a media through which to release their frustrations. Furthermore, try carrying some blue-laced agate about with you as it will help you to stay calm.

As a March 9 birth date you are generally a far more sensitive person than most, and one who will care what happens to the people around you.

Although you want to get ahead, you do not desire to at the expense or detriment of others.

These are very attractive qualities, and you will find that in the long run, you will receive the results and gains if you stick to your principles.

Compassion for others is very much a big part of your March 9 makeup.

Your challenge in life however, is to show the same compassion toward yourself. Without this ingredient in your life you can become controversial and up living by empty rules.

You may have the tendency to collect things around you from your past and such things can be a catalyst to clog up your energy.

Taking the action to throwing away things that you do not need, or things that carry unhappy associations, can be a liberating activity for you.

As a March 9 birth date the desire to travel is within your blood.

It is the actual activity of traveling that really appeals to you, and more so than the action of seeing new places.

Invest in a good pair of walking boots, as these are a must for your wardrobe

The March 9 relishes and enjoys luxury. Consider buying a few good pieces of quality furniture, such as a dining room set that particularly pleases your eye. You can then add further quality pieces over time as finances permit.

Pale sea green is a restful color for you, and wall-to-wall carpeting in this color may prove very comfortable for you.

In order to guard your sensitivities and to ground yourself, keep a piece of the mineral called Bornite in your pocket.

Bornite is not a gemstone but a bronze colored copper ore that changes in color to an attractive purple over time when exposed to air.

In their outdoors scenario, the March 9 likes to create a peaceful and aquatic landscape.

A garden curving around a circular-shaped pool is ideal.

Place urn-shaped planters with light pink geraniums around the pool, and plant marigold, china asters, and snapdragons in the garden.

Your special magic numbers are: 3 and 6.

The ninth day of the third month reduces to three, and the number three is the number of growth and development.

This March 9 day carries the experience of aligning with the natural bounty of life, living like the biblical lilies of the field, or Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

There is a sense of the significance of perceiving your destiny and following your path to the end.

You can learn to see teachers in all the people and experiences in life.

The sixty-ninth day of the year reduces to six, and the number six adds the crucial element of balance, reciprocity, and complementary activities.

Travel to the casino and try your hand for small stakes at a roulette wheel or a slot machine. Smile as three identical images appear, and coins tumble out of the machine.

Life really isnít a gamble, but enjoying the providence of seeming coincidences is part of the fun.

Both the orange red stone Carnelian and/or a piece of Amber can reinforce your luck.