March 8 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Jupiter, Moon

The Astrological Interpretation

The March 8 birth date indicates a person who has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and insight about life, and it is these qualities that make you a natural-born teacher.

You enjoy an inner fountain of resources that appears to spew out riches whenever they are needed.

It is quite likely that may not even know that you possess such talents or insights until such time that they are called upon by situations that arise within your environment.

Even if you do not have what is specifically required within your own resources you are an exceptional person at sourcing out the right information and resources for what is needed.

The March 8 Pisces is an excellent matchmaker and one who instinctively knows whom to connect with whom.

You possess a strong love for the pleasures of life and are happy when good food, interesting companions, and other sensual joys that make life more fun, surround you.

There are times when it is necessary to act and move swiftly in order to achieve your goals, and at such times, you will need to control your tendency to be too casual and laid back.

As a March 8 Pisces you are not one who rushes headlong into new challenges, and while you do enjoy variety, you much prefer that variety to evolve gradually and in non-threatening ways.

Since, as a March 8 you are a somewhat sensual individual, you can explore your enjoyment of comfortable change through the arena of food.

Look at investing in the best cooking utensils that you can afford and always keep a well-stocked collection of fresh herbs in your kitchen.

Those with the March 8 birthday tend to have a reputation for fairness, fair play and justice.

You are a very active person and you enjoy many sports. You should however consider pursuing some of the more placid sports, as the thrill-seeking side of your nature, could well prove somewhat problematic where you participate in the more active endeavors.

On your home front, furniture that is built in, such as a work area built into a kitchen corner, will help you maintain order.

As a further example of such order consider a cabinet that easily shutters away a computer or other work-oriented machines.

If you have shelves or bookcases in your office try putting an antique lamp on a south-facing wall.

At home you should invest in some ornaments that depict lots of movement, as example, a galloping horse would be a very good image for your living room.

As a March 8 you donít mind hard work but you do want your home to be a retreat. So, seeing any business related items lying around could jar you out of your relaxation.

The March 8 loves rich colors and you have a penchant for fine quality materials.

Allow yourself to indulge this preference for luxury within your home and you will find that you can quickly and easily let go of the stress from a hard dayís work.

Good objects for you are luxurious velvets in rich earth tones, or russet-colored leather armchairs.

Include some chenille fabrics or other soft blends in your personal wardrobe. Colors in the deep blue, brown, and purple family appeal to you.

As befits your water sign, a source of spring water or purified water in your home will ensure that you are drinking the best.

In the outdoor environment, the March 8 can devote considerable time to the garden.

A wire wall on which to grow vines or climbing plants would form a pleasing entry to your garden space.

Allow some area for sporting activities and a pool in your outdoor environment would be complete.

Your special magic numbers are: 2 and 5.

The eighth day of the third month reduces to two, and the number two is the number of receptivity and dependence.

Inherent in this dayís path is the kind of confidence that acrobats or trapeze artists embody as they fly and spin through the air, knowing their partner will catch them.

This type of performance brings an intensification of focus to consciousness. The element of risk and excitement hones perception to a fine point.

The sixty-eighth day of the year reduces to five, and the number five adds the aspect of intuition and surety of knowledge from the unseen.

Go to the circus and watch feats of daring amid smells of cotton candy and the music of the circus organ.

Try skydiving or bungee jumping to stretch your limits. Ride in a rainbow-colored hot-air balloon at sunrise.

Jasper and agate are gemstones that will complement your energies.