March 4 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Moon

An Astrological Interpretation

As a March 4 Pisces you might well have found that from a very early age you were attracted by religion, by ritual, and aspects of great beauty.

All of these interests tend to lift a person out of the ordinary and into the inspirational.

You desire to comprehend that which is unseen and to generate, through your creative imagination and particular skills, works that are in some way representative of the more subtle reality that is so much a part of your nature.

By nature, as a March 4 Pisces, you generally tend to look for and see the best in people with result that you can at times be extremely disappointed when they fail to live up to your expectations.

In other words, as a March 4 Pisces you are very open to what other people tell you, so you can be very genuinely hurt when you discover dishonesty in those so close to you.

You are, by nature, a very forgiving person and it is difficult for you to understand and comprehend how people can be cruel or hard hearted.

Endeavor to expand your contact with your philosophical, religious, and/or spiritual path in order that your responses to the injustices of life are not taken to personally.

There is a relationship in this day of March 4 with that of the “Lovers” card in the tarot and this can represent difficult and often moral dilemmas.

You have the inclination to being somewhat indecisive, and this is particularly true when it involves your emotional relationships.

You can be only too willing to see the good in people and as result, in those who are really not the right type of people for you.

As a March 4 Pisces you are a very hard worker and are gifted with the talent to represent yourself in the best possible light.

You may have a tendency to lose or misplace everyday things like keys, glasses, or your wallet.

Condition yourself to put such items in one particular place so that you can easily find them when needed and thus you will save time.

There are strong spiritual associations with this day of March 4 and you have a real sense of moral duty.

It is a duty that you sense as coming from somewhere out side of yourself.

You might be troubled by the feeling that you will spend much of your life searching for some form of religious expression with which you are comfortable. One that reflects on your own deeply held inner belief system.

Sometimes the search for your spiritual home can be quite perplexing.

In your home environment, you might desire to have light rooms and one darker room.

The dark room retreat could relate to a submarine in your water sign environment positioned on the ocean floor.

Utilize dark woods and richly colored drapes and bedcovers within your home.

A lamp by your bed with a green shade gives a perfect underwater feel.

In the light rooms, billowing opaque curtains and blond wood furniture would be pleasing to you.

Scents are very reminiscent for March 4 Pisces so a potpourri of woodsy scents placed around the home will appeal.

Crystal bowls and other such pieces stored in a cabinet would be excellent decorative feature items for you.

Try to get yourself some opal jewellery in order to reflect your pre-occupation with things of the mind rather than of the body.

An opal can also have a protective influence over your relationships.

In their outdoor scenario, the March 4 Pisces enjoys a landscaped garden with flowerbeds and rock or stone, walls.

A water feature such as a waterfall or water lily pond might be a nice additional garden feature.

A multi-level garden might be of particular appeal and, with the added touch of a water feature to provide an outdoor setting to satisfy your emotional qualities.

Your special magic numbers are: 7 and 10.

The fourth day of the third month reduces to seven, and the number seven relates to victory and temporary rest.

The number seven is also associated with ancient meanings of oaths and sworn compacts.

This date of March 4 implies what we collectively agree, albeit fleetingly, to what is in vogue. Make the most of what you have.

Styles and fashions are ephemeral, but some people move grace fully from era to era with a timeless expression of style and taste.

Represent your individual assets in the best possible light. Slaves to fashion lose all sense of individuality.

The sixty-fourth day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten contributes the quality of perfection, the ultimate perfection of a style or fashion.

Dress up and attend a fashion show or a new car expo, a display of the season’s latest offerings. Contemplate the meaning of style.

Malachite, Azurite and the colors of the earth, will steady your emotions.