March 30 Birthday






The Astrological Interpretation

As a March 30 Aries born on this particular day, you have an innate ground breaking spirit that is linked to the drive for improvement and regeneration.

The March 30 initiating drive will become visibly apparent when you are able to rediscover new applications and uses for old ideas, objects or concepts.

You have the ability to remodel and restore an old idea, object or concept so that it will sparkle with new potential.

You also have the above abilities in that you can instinctively identify the best in other people, to assist, guide and encourage them to greater achievements, even though they themselves, may not have at the time identified their own particular abilities or talents.

One very important necessity for a March 30 is to learn to believe in your self and, to persevere and to keep driving on with your ideas, concepts and ambitions.

You have an inherent excellent eye for detail as might be exampled in the art works of the old master oil painters and, quite possibly, oil painting could be and activity from which you could derive immense pleasure and satisfaction.

The energy provided to this birth date by the planet Mars generates the feelings of success from even the most negligible achievements.

The March 30 birth date falls under the rule of planet Mars and, this planet symbolizes the elements of sharp instruments such as swords, knives, lances and spears etc.

This influence provides you with the ability to dig beneath the surface of events in order to bring forth to light that which is hidden.

You must use this ability wisely however, do your digging with just sufficient force in order to motivate and encourage action, but never to the extent of causing annoyance that results in winding up people the wrong way.

A particular challenge for a March 30 is that, with their artistic intellect, they can often experience depression as they view the materialistic world around them and, the hectic pace of others who forever seem to either fail, or take the time, to fully appreciate the wonders of the world that surround them.

You might have difficulty on the work front if you are not engaged in a work activity that will allow you to express your creativity.

Under such circumstances you will find that, in order to help you to focus and concentrate your energies on your working routine, position or decorate your working area to include some items or patterns incorporating some red and gold triangular shapes.

In your home environment, consider having some decorative wrought iron work in some areas of the home and some quality art prints of paintings produced by the old masters on your walls.

In particular, a large glass globe or ball design will be an ideal image for those of the March 30 birth date as the globe can represent either the earth or a star globe of the heavenly constellations.

Military badges or elaborate metal designs will generally appeal to March 30, and belt buckles made of metal form a way in which you can express the individuality aspect of your personality.

Mechanical and electrical toys and gadgets are other items conducive to the March 30 personality.

You can be adventurous with foods and are generally quite prepared to try out anything, even if that should be only once.

In your outdoors scenario, the natural environment that will really appeal to you will be those hilly areas that include a number of various types of trees.

You could find that sitting on such a hilly area and, preferably facing toward the east, can provide an environment in which you could dream up your most successful ideas.

Your are likely to derive interest and even gain certain pleasure from the weather and could possibly be one of those folks who likes to have some weather related equipment within or, outside of your home.

A weather vane mounted on your roof would not be unusual for you, nor would antique design metal pieces mounted about the outside your home.

Your special magic numbers are: 6 and 9

The thirtieth day of the third month reduces to six, and the number six adds to this day the importance of the assimilation of different perspectives.

March 30 has an inherent ability for perceiving the meaning of and interaction between the various and numerous procedures of everyday experience.

This can allow you, to take advantage of every facet of your life experiences, and that ability to be able to understand events and circumstances can be applied as a teaching tool for others who may be watching you.

The ninetieth day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds the value of completion of the process and feeds your understanding of the actions of cause and effect.

To help to marshal your energies try carrying a piece of Lapis or Green Quartz about you.