March 3 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Venus, Moon.

The  Astrological Interpretation

The March 3 Pisces is by nature a very sensitive person and this aspect of sensitivity can prove to be both a positive and a negative.

On the one side it can prove to be a wonderful ally and on the other a major problem and stumbling block.

When you open yourself up to others, they can generally have no secrets from you, yet you may find that you have very little protection against the harsher realities of life.

You can suffer the feelings of being extremely vulnerable, with no form of protection against the assault of vibrations and sensations that emanate the environment around you.

Endeavor, by cultivating your mind, to utilize your finely tuned sensibilities to better advantage.

While you experience feelings, it is important for you that you become able to define what you feel. You have faith, but it is also essential that you understand why you believe as you do.

The March 3 Pisces are very intuitive, but it is essential that your intellect be equally strong.

Striving to improve the clarity of your judgment and your powers of analysis will help you to progress on your road to even greater success in life.

Those born on March 3 may often feel that they are meant to accomplish something on a large historical scale.

This may be true or it may be a romantic, impressionable idea. So, be careful about what you become involved in; dabbling with dark occult studies is not for you.

The natural curiosity of the March 3 Pisces is the major factor that defines your personality.

You derive great enjoyment from discussion and gossip and from that of the interactions with other people.

A good computer with Internet access can allow you to converse with a wide range of interesting and diverse people around the world on all types and manner of subjects.

One aspect of this date of March 3 has associations with global travel.

You have a powerful feel for the natural world, and you can enhance your relationship to the world by placing representations of the planet Earth in the eastern corner of your living room.

Items such as historic maps or an antique polished wooden globe might be appropriate.

Carry rose quartz with you to keep your spiritual energies high.

Your personal color scheme may tend toward black, white, and violet and make an effort to include some red.

On the home front, the March 3 has a strong need for some sacrosanct space.

Wherever you retreat to try to have lots of pillows around and, also consider acquiring a silk comforter cover.

Your special space is the place where you can recharge and take mental health holidays. Try to plan these into your life because it enables your emotions to clarify and to settle.

One the exercise front, your preference will favor the out doors over the local indoor gym.

Long runs, walks or bicycle rides out in the open country will prove of immense benefit.

In the outdoors environment, the March 3 Pisces has a particular affinity with water.

A barometer is a good item to possess since you may be sensitive to slight changes in humidity and barometric pressure.

In your backyard or garden consider creating a design of circles within circles. This could be achieved with grass and flowers or grass and stones. Strolling around to the center is the perfect way to settle your feelings.

Your special magic numbers are: 6 and 9.

The third day of the third month reduces to six; the number six is the number of symmetry and beauty.

This March 3 day infers the path of leading by example. A good example can be a priceless teacher.

If we have a template, we can accelerate our learning. Whom do you admire? What examples do you choose to follow? What lessons does humanity learn from the great souls of history, or those whose behavior and consequences we choose not to repeat?

Study choices that have changed the world for the better, including those of historical figures such as Gandhi, Mozart, Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa, Cleopatra, and Abraham Lincoln. What are the examples of their lives?

The sixty-third day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine provides the added element of complete, perfected expression of the seed idea.

Sodalite and Peridot are gems that will ground and strengthen you.