March 29 Birthday






The Astrological Interpretation

As a March 29 Aries birth date you are a natural-born originator of concepts and ideas, however, you may not have either the patience or the desire, to carry through as the ultimate leader of such projects or activities.

What is of importance for March 29, is that you are clear and concise when presenting your concepts and ideas to others and, that in the presentation of your concepts you keep up and maintain the directed energy that will bring to fruition that which you seek to create or establish.

Should you divert from your goals to dabble into too many other areas that may take your fancy,  then there is every chance that you will achieve nothing.

Only by demonstration of your own personal discipline and efficiency can you gain the respect and co-operation of any partners involved in your endeavors.

A March 29 birth date has the courage and boldness to be ground-breaking and original and to progress ahead in order to bring to fruition their thoughts and ideas into practical reality.

You are by nature, a person who can generate some exceptionally influential ideas and concepts that you will desire to share with other parties.

Try to ensure therefore, that you do so with like-minded individuals who are capable of executing and fulfilling their parts and obligations in any project or activity you undertake.

The March 29 birth date holds some relationship to the “Hermit” card in the tarot and, that influence expands the intellectual breadth of those born on this day.

This can manifest itself in a person who likes nothing better than to spend hours curled up in their favorite chair surrounded by reading matter and books.

The date of March 29 has the same value as the number of paths in the Tree of Life, a diagram representing an entire mystical system that is a symbolic map of Western occultism.

That relationship to this substantial resource of esoteric knowledge can indicate a person who has inherent understanding and feel for the balancing of the various fundamentals of life.

As such, the March 29 birth date can indicate a person who might hold a particular interest in, and the study of the ancient far eastern art of “Feng Shui”.

Other influences on this date of March 29 can indicate a keen interest in other cultures. This might take the form of an interest in music and/or instruments of different societies around the world i.e. South American, European or a more mystic far Eastern country, such as China

Algenib is a variable star within the constellation Pegasus and is to be found on some March 29 birthdays.

This star holds connections to the activities of soldiers, sailors, and gunsmiths.

It is believed to represent the qualities of courage and aggressiveness, so a very possible interest for those born this day could be that of becoming skilled in the art and accuracy of pistol or rifle shooting. Visit an organized shooting gallery and try out your skills.

On the home front, the March 29 will want to look after their health, and for some a disciplined vegetarian diet can be the answer.

For others who prefer to uphold their health and fitness through natural method, as opposed to hard physical exertion, the activities of yoga, light exercise and/or meditative walking will provide healthy alternatives.

Having a spa-pool at home in which to spend time in luxurious soaks can be very therapeutic to the soul.

Within your home a display of blooming cacti can help remind March 29 that, even the prickly of nature can ultimately blossom.

A crystal ball could form an attractive decorative item in the home and irrespective of whether or not you use it for psychic purpose; the smooth surface and contours will assist you to maintain your perspective in life.

In your outdoors scenario, an oven or BBQ built from red bricks can provide you inspiration with your cooking and culinary activities.

In your garden, consider some form of fun activity, perhaps in the form of a basketball hoop. This can be a good way to both focus your mind while having some fun at the same time.

Where you take a keen interest in your garden and derive great enjoyment from the beauty of colors that nature can provide, you might find great enjoyment from planting in each year, flowers of a predominant color i.e. one year, principally yellow and the following year featuring principally reds.

Your special magic numbers are: 5 and 8

The twenty-ninth day of the third month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of change and adaptation.

As a March 29 you have sharp insight into how the greater cycles of this world form indications and predictions of the shifting cycles within your own experience.

This ability provides you with a supernatural ability to recognize developing patterns and to describe them as if you are seeing images and pictures in a crystal ball.

The eighty-ninth day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight adds the reassuring awareness that there is a pattern to change, and that every thing is cyclical.

Test your abilities by trying to predict the weather or, visit the racetrack and place some small bets and assess the results.

With caution, you might like to test your hand at the stock markets. Acquire some pieces of turquoise and/or Topaz that will feel comforting to your well-being.