March 25 Birthday






The Astrological Interpretation

The March 25 Aries birth date points to a person who wants to step outside of the boundaries in life whether it be in respect those applicable to society or even those in respect of family.

March 25 is one who needs to move ahead, utilizing that which is inherited to create a future that is crammed with new and larger creative opportunities.

Those of March 25 birth date can have an irresistible desire to explore, and to do so beyond that of the physical world extending into that of the spiritual.

As a result of your travels you can acquire viewpoints and wisdom about the world that can prove of benefit for many people.

Eastern cultures and their ideas, beliefs and way of life can be of particular interest to those born on March 25. Souvenirs of cultural significance in the forms of artifact statuettes would be valued gifts.

The Fortune card from the tarot implies energy, and when combined with your slightly rebellious streak, it can indicate one who has a powerful desire to wander.

This would indicate that in your travels therefore, you might tend to favor a cheap lifestyle of traveling in the form of backpacking, camping or, as a one small bag or suitcase traveler.

In respect of that certain rebellious aspect to your character, it is something that you need to learn to control because, if not, the result could be that you could find your self in some very unsatisfactory situations.

One particular value of this date of March 25 can imply activity and actions that may not exactly be deemed within the laws of the land.

There are times when you will feel that you are surrounded by events and social situations that seem to inhibit and curtail your drive, and severely restrict your plans to achieve the actions or activities that you desire to undertake.

Such situations may compel you at times to break out through the restrictions of your current life situation and familiar surroundings.

While such courage and daring is commendable, one must bear in mind that it is also very important to be fully aware that you are not alone in your environment, and that consideration must be given to what effects your actions might have upon others.

Make sure therefore, that you do not enmesh yourself in so many undertakings and commitments of communal responsibility that, in achieving your own objectives you bring hardship and distress upon others.

Your progress in life arises from allowing all your skills and abilities freedom of action, and an illustration for those who are born on this day of March 25 is that of a triangle with wings.

In you home, consider owning some large pieces of furniture that are made from wood and metals.

Items that present character and physical form can be of particular interest to you therefore some sculptured pieces of yourself or your family members could be attractive items for your home.

In addition, the color of red-orange represents a powerful color for those of March 25 birth date, so try to incorporate it within your home.

In keeping with your appreciation of character and physical form items formed from metals such as an old-fashioned brass bed or sculptured historical busts and such in-home ornaments will give you great pleasure.

The burning of candles will provide you with a certain meditative satisfaction as the light effect can allow you to think and contemplate.

In the outdoor scenario March 25 favors the terrain images of trees and rocks, and in the garden some holly bushes that can be decorated during the holiday season.

Your special magic numbers are: 10 and 4.

The twenty-fifth day of the third month reduces to ten, and the number ten suggests the end of a cycle and the personification of seed ideas and concepts that begun in number one. In other words,  the time to start over again.

Where we maintain our intention pure and clear throughout the creative process, then we will be able achieve the perfect result that we desired at the outset. Each new cycle assists us to do better, and throughout the process we continue to improve skills.

The eighty-fifth day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the fundamental certainty of permanence behind change.

Consider on the principle of order at work. Sit in the darkness in front of a fire and watch the dance of the colored flames, are they a creative transformation or destructive combinations.

Turquoise and amber are gemstones that will help to strengthen you.