March 21 Birthday






The Astrological interpretation

March 21 Aries is, as the first day of the first sign of the year, the day that relates to the Magician card in the tarot. It is a card that indicates a wonderful aspect of individualism within a person and, an ideal present for a March 21 Aries could take the form of a portrait executed in a very extraordinary expressionist painting style.

March 21 is the vernal equinox and, as the traditional first day of the year it represents that of the new life that arrives with the beginning of spring.

The symbolic meaning of this birth date can be expressed in the image of a newborn baby bird peeping out from the nest for the first time to discover and see what exciting visions surround him.

For those of the March 21 birth date so much in life is new to you, and while some folk might interpret this aspect of your nature and personality as somewhat naïveté, no matter whatever age you may be, you will never become weary by life.

By nature you hold within yourself a fervent impulse to forever investigate and explore the most interesting possibilities that your surroundings have to offer.

Sure, there is always the fear that you may not be successful and like any adolescent, you will take a number of hesitant steps as you progress toward your self- expression. Your desire to be yourself however, is far greater than your fear of the process of becoming.

For those of the March 21 birth date it is easy to pick themselves up, to wipe of the dust and, to charge on and get on with their life. This is because, irrespective of any setbacks that you may encounter in life, you will always be able to gather the courage and resources to move forward.

The March 21 birth date is the first complete day after the spring equinox and forms the beginning of the sign of Aries. This birth date may also be positioned on a critical degree that indicates that you may well have strong reactions to both the highs and lows in life.

Your energy and zeal for life may at times therefore be more overpowering than your judgment.

To keep your energies vibrant at home, add some touches of red and adopt some form of a gentle morning exercise routine to help you to maintain a healthy mind and body. The rhythm of music, drumbeats or singing can be excellent methods to control your energy but, without depressing your natural inbuilt enthusiasm.

When considering the inside of your home you should look too bright and full of colors as these will mirror your personal optimism and your love of all those things that are vital and vibrant.

Although you were born on March 21 being the day of the blooming of new life, you can also be a person who can be something of a traditionalist. In this respect you can hold a strong appreciation for some of those more traditional items and activities.

Most March 21 birth date folk hold a strong appreciation for things that are connected to nature and, in this respect, you are very likely to derive great enjoyment in maintaining a well-stocked garden that presents a maze of beautiful color throughout the seasons of the year.

It can be particularly important for March 21 folk, having been born at the birth of the spring season, to utilize garden plants and flowers that will bloom and flourish during the most depressing times of the bleakest winter months.

The effect of such color will go to offset the possibility of experiencing depression while awaiting the forthcoming warmer and brighter new spring season. Suitable flowers for those of the March 21 birth date are those of early spring: daffodils, crocuses and forsythia.

March 21 folk derive enjoyment from being physically active and in creating things that they can see and enjoy. Digging and preparing the flowerbeds or, building a garden “Wendy House” for the kids or, even the building of a log cabin, would fit perfectly with the March 21 personality.

To help adapt your energies purchase some Quartz crystal.

Your Special Magic Numbers 6 and 9

The twenty-first day of the third month reduces to six, and the number six signifies beauty and, the agreement of balanced opposites as the geometric shape of six indicates. The two equilateral triangles interlaced is the emblem of love, the Star of David.

This day is a pathway of self-realization and the ability to recognize and to seize upon potential. Your mission is one of that of recognition and the understanding of the correct interrelationship of the head and the heart.

The eighty-first day reduces to nine, and the number nine contributes the quality of aspiration fulfilled.

Enjoy the fresh lilies, since fragrant six-petal flowers are emblems of resurrection. See yourself in others, and watch the principle of opposites attracting and complementing. Opal and Peridot are gems for you.



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