March 20 Birthday


YOUR SIGNS – Pisces/Aries

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Mars

The Astrological Interpretation

March 20 Birthday interpretation.

Those born on this day of March 20 Pisces are enormously adventurous and their drive and energy to achieve success in life is commendable.

They can however risk some danger in that they are liable to place their career ambitions and achievement above those of their families and friends.

As a March 20 birth date you are born close to the very first degree of the zodiac and, at a period of a concentrated commencing of creative activity.

You are on a cusp and positioned between that of Pisces, which is the most expansive of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and that of Aries, which is the most individually focused sign.

You have very powerful and burning urges within you to announce to all around you, if not indeed the whole world that: “I am here! I am myself! I AM!”

You must remember however, that before a mighty oak tree can come into being, a small acorn must either fall or be planted within fertile soil in order to germinate and grow.

You must remember however, that before a mighty oak tree can come into being, a small acorn must either fall or be planted within fertile soil in order to germinate and grow.

It is essential therefore, that you learn how to tone back and control that fiery and so often out-of-control sense of yourself in order that you may learn to cooperate successfully with those others around you in your progress of determining your world.

The drag of the ocean of Sign Pisces is powerful and its water will extinguish that of fire of Aries.

You could well discover that instead of consistently projecting yourself into life with a firm statement of your own being you in fact, tend to retreat back into yourself and become afraid to be too robustly self-assertive because the path ahead of you presents an enormous area of the unknown.

Do remember that you have within your birth date of March 20 the immense understanding and insight of the Pisces experience behind you and that you must now establish your own way, shape, and form on earth.

As an example, a perfect environment in which to house both aspects of your March 20 nature is that of a camping site with a nice glowing fire.

The Aries factor of your nature can the gather wood, set things up and build the fire while the Pisces side of your nature can sit back and relax while looking up and appreciating the stars and heavens above.

If camping is not your forte then consider a porch that is well screened or, a solarium. You will discover that stained glass that reflects colors can provide a soothing effect to both of the sides of your nature.

As a March 20 there is the strong possibility that you will be quite a creative person with your hands and take considerable pleasure in producing works in various formats and, in tandem with your nature, you are more than likely to consider selling or exhibiting the works you produce.

The aspects of this day of March 20 relate particularly well to works in ceramics and in addition, working with a potter’s wheel is an activity that can appeal to your nature and provide considerable pleasure and satisfaction.

Another ideal activity for those born this day of March 20 would be sailing or water-skiing and a particular appeal could be the activity of bungee jumping.

You are a person who needs to visualize what you desire and in doing so you can gather your energies and resources to bring those desires into fruition.

In your home or even your work place, you should feature pictorial reminders of the goals toward which you are working.

As example, if you are saving your money for a particular motorcar then place a picture or photograph of that motorcar in a prominent position at home and/or in your work place.

The effect will be to establish a concentration of your energies upon its ultimate acquisition.

One positive way of consistently reminding yourself of who you are, and who you are trying to become, would be to have a silhouette picture or a sculptured bust of yourself made and to positioned within your home.

The March 20 Birthdays tend to express their nature through the use of bold and quite frequently, clashing colors.

On the lighter side of your nature collect a few hats in different styles and colors as they can give you a new image.

Your special magic numbers are: 6 and 3.

The twentieth day of the fourth month reduces to six, and the number six represents balance, symmetry, and the beauty inherent in harmonized opposites.

The path of this day draws forth the ability to see and understand as to how things fit together in life and, the inherent rightness of Divine order in the grand scheme of things.

There is a balancing relationship between both the individual and the universe when one is truly oneself.

The eightieth day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the influence of natural development to your sense of how things fit together.

Study a water setting surrounded by weeping willow trees together with the life in the water and the ducks swimming thereon.

Watch as the baby ducks follow their mother in a perfect row and listen to their eager quacks as they move across the water.

Collect brightly painted carved statues of water birds, ducks and other such creatures to brighten your life.

For March 20, Emerald and Citrine form complementary gemstones.