March 2 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Moon, Jupiter

The Astrological Interpretation

The March 2 birth date is a day with very strong masculine energies and, although this date falls within the sign of Pisces, the bold and courageous character of people born on March 2 is decidedly Martian.

One aspect of this March 2 date holds relation to the Emperor card in the tarot pack of cards and, the Emperor card relates to authority and material power. It carries a strong connection with the sign of Aries and, Aries is also ruled by the planet Mars.

It would be unwise to confuse authority and presence with a casual and sober outlook to life since the energies of this day of March 2 point toward a person who is always very willing and eager to embrace and accept change.

Combined with the March 2 love of change is a certain degree of intuition.

Love, will, and intelligence are the three human qualities that, when correctly balanced and harmonized, create a whole person.

Your ability to love is without question and you are a very compassionate person who is always eager to lend a hand and support to others who are less fortunate or misunderstood.

You are very intelligent and hold particular interest in the arts, music, theatre and any activity or undertaking that allows your beauty of spirit to flourish.

With the March 2 birth date it is your will that is the weakest of these three human qualities, so it is of vital importance that you work to cultivate this particular aspect of your nature.

You must utilize your will to direct the flow of your intelligence and love in order that you may make the most out of your considerable talents and abilities.

You have a tendency to believe that if you are too assertive with people then you will upset them.

If you define and state your needs clearly and precisely, act in a firm manner and stand up for what you really believe, then this belief will be eliminated and your personal self-esteem will rise.

You have a profound imagination and may feel most comfortable living in imaginative realms.

You may be a spiritual seeker or work in an arena where you show a great deal of compassion.

Whatever you decide and choose, give a thought to the practical necessities in life and make friends with the element of earth.

On the home front, the March 2 like’s their home and/or office to have a strong sense of dignity.

One piece of furniture you might like to acquire is a heavy wooden high-backed chair. This should be in a dark wood with scrolling designs on the arms and the back.

You will take pleasure in being surrounded by blues, greens, and purples plus the addition of a few rich browns to add to the mix.

The kitchen may be the center of your home since taking care in what to eat is a good way to “feed” your dreams.

A crystal ring piece within which you can float flowers would form a perfect centerpiece for your dining room table.

The metal iron is particularly lucky for the March 2 so if you can find a bracelet or suitable piece in made in iron then you should try to wear it at all times.

Carrying a quartz crystal piece will also assist you in grounding your life. Wear yellow to enhance your optimism

In your outdoor garden scenario, you will enjoy creating a colorful and orderly space and, if your climate permits, consider growing orchids because these you will find can assist to inspire your imagination.

Your special magic numbers are: 5 and 8

The second day of the third month reduces to five, and the number five carries the meaning of agency or process.

The office of a president remains permanent while the individual holding that office can change constantly.

What is the origin of the power of personality and true character versus the empty machinations of a leader without integrity?

What are the criteria or qualifications that we must meet along our spiritual path? Do we strive to exceed the highest expectations, or just go along with ordinary values?

The sixty-second day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight harmonizes the constant change inherent in this day.

Forms change but principles endure. Strive for inspirational values rather than for ordinary pleasures.

National anthems stir your soul. Olympic sports, gold medals, tales about personal valor and those who overcome obstacles will inspire you.

Display your diplomas, degrees, and certificates of recognition. Your pride of accomplishment is justified.

Citrine and turquoise will calm and soothe you.