March 19 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Mars

The Astrological Interpretation

March 19 Birthday interpretation.

As a March 19 Pisces your birth date falls in the last degree of the zodiac, and this forms the position and point of ultimate conclusion.

Effectively, all of the actions and activities of the past are combined at this point, giving you the sense of connection to everyone and everything.

Your understanding of life is extensive and totally all encompassing, and such qualities can allow you to be a friend to all people.

Your personal mission in life is to blend all of the characteristics and tendencies.

The March 19 will need to create a clear focal point for personal expression.

This could be a very challenging task because, as with all of your possibilities, it may not prove to be the simplest thing for you to create one key avenue for your professional outlets.

The solution to your success is to decide upon a career that will allow you a wide variety of activities while at the same time, provide very clearly defined terms of personal responsibilities.

The March 19 would be very good as a manager who is involved in the coordinating of various departments, and aspects and facets of a company. This is because you have an inherent familiarity with the “all and everything” of life.

There are two fixed stars located in relation to your birth date of March 19. These are Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus and Piscium in the constellation of Pisces.

The positions of these stars may incline a March 19 person toward taking a fatalistic or a defeatist outlook toward life and, in this instance, a tendency to swim whichever way the current takes them rather than constructing a solid basis from which to navigate clearly.

The “Fool card in the tarot” holds strong connections to the value of this day of March 19 and, a particular quality of the Fool is the ability to take a half-full rather than a half-empty view of life.

Auspicious colors for this day of March 19 are any color that is bright and cheerful.

If you are attending a serious meeting or occasion however, then you may be better advised to dress more conservatively.

Unlike many people who derive comfort in things that remind them of stability and solidity, the March 19 in contrast, have a strong attraction to those elements in life that remind them of the transient and temporary nature of things.

For this very reason you might enjoy keeping something like a butterfly collection as these delicate free fluttering creatures reflect the short-term existence of life.

On the home front, the March 19 home may be filled with equipment reflecting their various interests, activities and abilities of the past.

Endeavor to organize an annual clear out of all those items that are really no longer of interest, or needed.

While March 19 is not a particularly vain person by nature they do gain enjoyment from watching light such as the sun, moon or an electric light reflected in a mirror.

Mirrors therefore may well figure quite significantly in the home of those with a March 19 birth date.

An antique in the form of an old clock that chimes with a melody that pleases your personal ear could well form a prized possession for you.

All forms of creativity are well featured in the values of this day of March 19 and while you may not be in any way a professional expert at playing an instrument, try to ensure that you play something simply for the joy of it.

A somewhat eccentric and unusual instrument addition to the household of a March 19 could be a mandolin or, alternatively, a set of bagpipes

In their outdoor scenario, March 19 will derive considerable enjoyment from a garden with some water feature within or nearby.

A sprinkler or sprinkler system would be adequate if there was no pond or creek nearby.

Adopt circular flowerbeds within your garden and position a garden statue or some other feature piece in a central position. Incorporate flowers such as umbrella grass or water lilies as these should appeal to you.

Your special magic numbers are: 4 and 7.

The nineteenth day of the third month reduces to four, and the number four represents order and stability.

Nature always remains constant beneath that of outward changes.

We gain control and mastery over circumstances through endless repetitions and as result we become familiar with the degrees of difference.

When we obtain the same result through multiple trials, we can then fashion some useful application through an adoption of sound principle.

Study the light shining through a prism and the refraction of light into the colors of the rainbow.

The seventy- ninth day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten adds the quality of the security of victory to the countless aspects of experiences.

Practice makes perfect. Experience a symphony orchestra as they are tuning up prior to a concert – consider the component aspect of each individual instrument when compared to the sound of the full orchestral.

To stir up your creativity acquire some Fire opal or and jasper pieces.