March 18 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune Mars

The Astrological Interpretation

March 18 Birthday interpretation.

As a March 18 Pisces you are thoroughly honest person and will you look for, and expect receive truth and honesty in any of your potential partners in life.

To you “Beauty is truth and truth beauty” so that you are also someone who is very likely to love and appreciate the arts.

The March 18 has the ability to express their creative urges with an extremely strong and influential release of energy.

However, once a creative project or enterprise, whether it be at your work or in a personal relationship, is finished and over, then it is essential that you not remain and continue beyond the point your productivity.

It is your responsibility to recognize the point at when this creative conclusion occurs and to then assess the manner in which you can withdraw and leave the situation both comfortably and with grace.

Once you have successfully withdrawn into yourself, then take the time to rest up and to wait for that next creative urge to crystallize.

Never push or rush yourself. Remember that your greatest strength lies in your own understanding of your own recurring movements.

The March 18 enjoys music and dance and, since these are but two activities that are based on a structured rhythm, it is something that will provide you with an immense sense of appreciation, and personal enjoyment.

The March 18 is a seeker of wisdom and one who holds a great interested in nature.

They generally have a simple and easy-going faith in life, in its rhythms and, they enjoy a very skilled ability that allows them to share their knowledge with others.

Irrespective of how intense you may study you can derive simple satisfaction from those every day pleasures that will tend to limit any tendency toward moodiness.

A symbol for you is a red triangle with an open circle in the center.

A perfect gift for a March 18 Pisces would be a bound volume of poetry and, it would be particularly so, if it came in the form of a collection of some of the great Romantic from such poets as Wordsworth, Keats or Shelley.

When it comes to the workplace, people born on this day of March 18 can have a somewhat split personality.

In their home environment they may relax with a glass of wine and a good book, at their work or office however, the energy of the “Strength” card in the tarot can become apparent.

This particular element is that of leadership energy and this can be an excellent quality in management and in other leadership positions.

To augment this talent, try carrying a piece of tiger-eye about you, or alternately, a piece of angelica will help you to be a little more compassionate.

On the home front, the March 18 may graduate through various different collecting periods and your main criteria in this activity will center upon beauty and color.

You may appreciate a variety of colors in the form of woodcuts or colored glass. Amethyst-colored glass could be of special appeal to you.

A bed that sits high off the ground will give you that sensation and feeling of safety within your bedroom, and a bedstead of curved metal design that incorporates some interesting shapes would be of appeal to your nature.

Think about incorporating some form of ornament bedroom that involves reticulating water.

A fountain for example, the sound of the moving water will prove a soothing for your sleep.

The March 18 is one who really likes luxuriating at the end of the day.

In order to feel really pampered therefore, why not coax your partner to give you a relaxing massage using scented massage oils that appeal to your senses.

In your outdoor scenario, your garden should feature night-blooming plants that you can look upon at the times of the full moon.

You can find it a particular pleasure to view your fertile garden area when it is under the light of the moon.

Fragrant water lily is a flower of particular appeal to those of a March 18 birth date.

Your special magic numbers are: 3 and 6.

The eighteenth day of the third month reduces to three and the number three endows the gift of enjoying simple pleasures.

As a March 18 you have the facility to see beauty and to get great joy from ordinary day life.

The simple things in life such as sunsets, rainbows and gleaming raindrops that settle and hang from flowers and vegetation after a recent rainfall.

You can derive as much enjoyment from the singing of the birds as other folk might from the music of an orchestra.

March 18 is the course of taking joy from the gift of an ordinary day and, because of your warmth and efficiency, the transforming of a simple transaction into a touching memory.

The magic of this day of March 18 renders the soul mindful that every act in life has the potential to be sacred.

For you, the stones of emerald and diamond and are the gems that will remind you of the precious and priceless potential of everyday things about you

The seventy-eighth day of the year reduces to six, and the number six is the number of beauty as expressed in the immeasurable exquisiteness and beauty of a snowflake.

Try building a sculpture in snow, or bake some bread, and savor its texture and aroma.