March 17 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Mars

The Astrological Interpretation

March 17 Birthday interpretation.

As warm and generous as the March 17 Pisces is, you are also a person who is intensely emotional. You have a breadth of wisdom that informs your emotional reactions and prevents hypersensitivity

Your inner self is like a treasure chest that is filled with all the bounty of nature. You have strived a long time to understand your own inner richness, and this is something you should respect and value.

As a March 17 you have a great desire to cultivate others and, to be helpful to as many people as possible. You must remember however, that it is impossible to be all things to all people.

Even with your own immense storehouse of personal energy, you will discover that there are certain people who can repeatedly exhaust you.

You should endeavor therefore to make yourself aware of these “perpetual leeches” because no matter how much you put yourself out in order to give and to help them, they will always be coming back for more and more.

It is important for the March 17 that you to gain the knowledge on how to create a relationship with yourself.

A relationship that has a clear structures and set boundaries.

As a March 17 you can be far too idealistic and far too caring and this will not work where other people do not honestly care about themselves.

There are astrological sources that indicate that this birthday of March 17 is on an “occult” degree, a factor that can gives contact with the spirit world.

In the event that you do feel some connection to astral planes it does not mean you can abandon and neglect the earthly aspects of your existence.

You must always try to take that special care to strengthen yourself and to learn how to “translate” from one level to another.

Endeavor to avoid obsession, and in order to help you to keep your many talents and skills operating smoothly, try meditating on the color of yellow.

In addition, you may need foods with a sweet flavor, but utilize these in moderation.

In your home environment, the March 17 needs their home to be a place that vibrates and echoes their own personal feelings of love and positive energy.

March 17 is a day that is particularly associated with that of nurturing, and since that includes maternal qualities, children will tend to be of major importance to you.

Even if you don’t have any children, you might like to consider having some attractive and interesting toys in your house. They will certainly become of use in the event of visit by little people.

On your home front, you may prefer dark colors and furniture of ornate design. This could apply particularly in your bedroom.

Consider incorporating the shape of a pentagram (the five pointed star design) as a décor within your home environment.

Images of the full moon would also be interesting decorative touches within your home.

In your outdoors scenario, in either your garden yard or even possibly indoor’s, a water lily pond would provide an immense source of pleasure and interest for Mr. or Ms March 17.

Consider positioning some lily-of-the-valley plants in lilac-colored pots at home, as these have a wonderful relaxing and nurturing air to them.

In keeping with the water element of your sign of Pisces you might also consider keeping a small aquarium in your work place if possible.

For March 17 fantasy is a way of renewing yourself and enjoying what the earth has to offer.

So why not fanaticize occasionally i.e. a tent like structure in the garden in which you can sit and imagine yourself as an Arabian prince or princess.

Your special magic numbers are: 2 and 5.

The seventeenth day of the third month reduces to two, and the number two carries the meaning of reflection.

As example: an image of a blank canvas expresses and area of unlimited potential that awaits the potential and promise of the completed painting.

You must therefore grab the creative process in order to participate, action the first brush strokes across the canvas with confidence.

The seventy-seventh day of the year reduces to five, and the number five adds the power of constant change.

The action of process is a great blessing and conclusion does not have the effect of cancellation or invalidation of an experience, rather it creates and opens up a new opening or beginning.