March 16 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Mars

The Astrological interpretation

March 16 Birthday interpretation.

Those born on this day of March 16 Pisces will have a lot of practical experience to offer others.

Your March 16 birth date gifts you with the ability to visualize the world of possibilities.

Those around you will find that you can be a storehouse of information and that, with your inherent natural kindness of nature, you will give freely of your insights and knowledge to all of those who may come to you.

It is important however, that in your own interests you should become somewhat discriminating.

This is because there will be many people who will neither hear, nor will they want to hear anything that you may have to say.

You must refrain therefore, and only give out when there is an honest need, and to support only those folk who are ready to accept the riches that you have to share with them.

It is essential that you need to know how to replenish and recoup the energies that you extend so willingly.

You will find that such personal re-energy will come from engaging in those particular activities that you enjoy.

This March 16 birth date is particularly connected to the water, if you have the opportunity therefore then take some long, solitary walks along the beach or, spend time in the vicinity of a lake or river.

As an indoor alternative, try enjoying the total privacy of a deep soak in your own bath.

March 16 Pisces has the ability to cautiously explore life until they connect with an experience or project that connects with his or her deepest sensibilities.

While this process may be somewhat exasperating for those around you, it is your way of going about things and should be respected.

March 16 is a day that is well featured for traveling, and for you; the best aspect of your travels is being able to share your experiences with others.

An obvious medium through which to share your travel experiences is through that of photography or film.

It is likely therefore that March 16 will possess a good camera and maintain a substantial photographic record in order to keep the memories of their travels fresh in mind.

In your home environment, maintain music in the background and you will notice how your moods can change according to the music you play.

Mirrors and their reflective qualities can be important to you, and you might like to have a various forms of mirrors around your home.

Since one of the values of this day of March 16 relates to the more earthy aspects of the sign of Pisces, you will be appreciative of practical tools for working within your home.

Such items could prove to be ideal gifts for a March 16 birthday whether they are males or females.

The Pisces symbol of two fish tied together can be a perfect motif for decoration within and around your home.

This could be in the form of shower curtains decorated with swimming fish, tableware or ornaments bearing fish designs, or an aquarium of fish. These types of items form excellent reminders of your own imaginative duality.

The new moon is an important time for you as a March 16 so endeavor to make a wish at each new moon and then wait to see if it comes true!

In the outdoors scenario, March 16 gains great enjoyment from both water and flowers.

A trellis in the middle of your garden would be a place to sit and search for your next “connection.” Flowers for March 16 include orchids and clustered bellflower.

Try owning some Azurite or Calcite as these materials can influence and help strengthen your resolve.

Your special magic numbers are: 10 and 4.

The sixteenth day of the third month reduces to ten, and the number ten represents the completion of a process and the readiness to begin again.

The most positive expression of this day’s energy is learning from experience and moving ahead, and doing so regardless of how painful the lessons seem to be.

This is neither a blind leap into the void, nor a frozen tentativeness, but rather a steady, step-by-step progression into the future. Place an hourglass where you can see the sand flow through.

The seventy-sixth day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the significance of the implicit order underlying all outward reality.

You know in your heart that if you reach out your hand, then the touch of guidance will reach back.

The risk of this day is reluctance. What would happen if a baby bird clung to the nest, refusing to risk flight?

Step outside on a dark night and glimpse the silver sliver of the new moon, containing the promise of her fullness. What if the moon could hold back her march? So, cease resisting.