March 15 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Mars

The Astrological Interpretation

March 15 Birthday interpretation.

As a March 15 Pisces you are more of a dreamer and an idealist type of person, rather than strictly a rational thinker.

Your life is intensely connected to your relationships and you have the capability of generating and achieving a wonderful sense of intimacy with those you love. You do however; have to be careful of projecting your own imaginations and fears onto others.

While you always wish the best for your loved ones, you can do them and yourself a considerable disservice by allowing that, which disturbs you, to bother them.

Try to focus upon your own personal individuality and then provide the support to others to do the same.

March 15 tends to have a comparatively strict moral code and while you are unlikely to be puritanical, or to rarely impose your views onto others, you do set very high standards for yourself.

You should refrain from driving yourself to hard. In order to slow yourself down you should consider buying a piece of jewellery or other such accessory in the form of a rich emerald green color. An emerald green scarf for example.

Although you are a very comprehensive and accepting type of person, you can also be extremely intolerant of other people when they do not do things in the way that you want them to.

There is no single way of handling the many situations of life and you will receive considerably more love in return from others when you allow them to be themselves.

This of course does not infer that you should not offer your help in the forms of aid or advice. It does mean however, that you should try to work to become disconnected from the results.

March 15 Pisces is a water sign and water finds its own level. At times it will flow toward goals and objectives in the form of a raging river, and then at other times flow as an insignificant trickle.

On your home front, this day of March 15 is associated with the ”Star” card in the tarot. You might like to consider letting its influence into your home by installing a skylight.

This of course can be particularly beneficial in the evening, when you can look up and the light of the night sky flooding into your room.

In your bedroom, an ideal ornament for you would be a wind chime or mobile made with silver or metallic blue stars.

In your kitchen consider having a central table around which everyone can meet. A lazy Susan for condiments, sugar bowl, etc can be a subliminal reminder for you that life goes on round and round.

Cooking is an excellent art form for the March 15 Pisces and you will enjoy working on preparations involving different spices, especially a spice like cayenne pepper, to spice up your life.

Too much lazing around can cause your mind to languish so, in order to liven your surroundings, environment and to keep your focus, own some furniture that is upright practical and functional.

The ticking of a clock can be a soothing influence to the March 15, so a few such clocks around the home can prove beneficial.

To regulate your energies try owning some Clear quartz and, at bath times include some crystals in your bath water.

It is possible that you can be very sports minded person and, in this arena the sports of martial arts will often appeal to those of the March 15 birth dates.

Consider therefore, an area your garden or yard in which you could place a mat on which to practice, as this would be ideal for you.

In you outdoors scenario, it is possible that since March 15 Pisces is a very sensual birthday, you might just want to dress or, to not dress at all in order to enjoy a very relaxed fashion life style.

If applicable, consider an appropriate hedge or fencing for privacy with regard to your neighbors.

Your special magic numbers are: 9 and 3.

The fifteenth day of the third month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents attainment and fulfillment.

The number nine is the completion of a cycle and demands an accounting of performance.

At the completion of every cycle, there is an evaluation and a judgment, the purpose of which is to improve the next cycle.

Should the same pattern be repeated or should the mould be reformed? It is through evaluation and improvement that we grow and develop ourselves to a higher level.

The seventy-fifth day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the principle of growth, development and the instinctive awareness that one and one will always equal two until another element is added to the equation.

You will accept nothing short of perfection from those in whom you place your trust. Stare into a candle flame in the darkness. Walk in virgin snow. Toss a pebble into a pristine mountain stream.

The materials of Green quartz and Sodalite and will help you to relate with your emotions.