March 14 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Mars

The Astrological Interpretation

The March 14 Pisces has a magnetic personality, and while it is a form of personality that can draw down upon unknown sources for inspiration, you must take care however, to endeavor to moderate your imaginative wanderings with a careful attention to everyday matters.

Although this birth date of March 14 endows you with a great many talents, and an intense urge for creative self-expression, there is the strong possibility that you may very easily find yourself weighed down by too many activities, interests, and involvements with other people among other things.

It is quite possible that you will engage in too many interests, and as result, not have enough time in order to pursue the training and education that you desire and know to be right for your progress in life.

It is important for you therefore, that you say good-by to all those mental activities that tend waste your energy, and to set about concentrating upon that which will provide you with the right foundation in order to achieve your real ambitions.

This concept of cleansing might also take a physical form through the actions of cutting out drinking and eating habits that are not in your best interests.

Periodically cleansing is also desirable on the emotional level and requires that you to extract yourself away from harmful relationships and to liberate yourself free of emotional patterns that do not support you.

People born on this day of March 14 are generally of an inexorably scientific and rational nature. It is somewhat unlikely therefore that anyone born on this day will be reading this, except perhaps, if only to point out to a friend how crazy they think it is.

Your feet are a particularly sensitive area of your body and you will probably get great enjoyment from foot massages.

You might like to consider wearing heavy boots to keep your feet warm and protected and during the cold months, consider warm (possibly silk) sock liners.

While you might be very fussy when it comes to your home or garden, you are likely to be far less so when it comes to your own appearance.

While you are generally always neat and clean in presentation you may not be aware of the usage of color. A nice color combination for March 13 is a mixture of orange and gold.

These particular colors are quite bold and can provide some difficulty to mix attractively together. Where you can however, and if you are looking for a way to sharpen your clarity of mind, then you should definitely give this combination a trial.

In your home scenario, you will need far more than a corner of a room or small space to call your own. You need a room with a suitable bed in order that you can withdraw and take short naps in solitude as a way to regain your energies.

Spoil yourself with a plush comfort blanket and heavy light restricting drapes in order that you can dose and enjoy the peace of total darkness.

As a March 14 birthday you are particularly likely to be extremely fervent about your garden. In the main you will favor an orderly garden and you are unlikely to leave a plant untrimmed or untended for too long.

Since you are a fairly ambitious person by nature you might consider planting a thick hedge of hawthorn or other such suitable planting around the perimeter of your garden as a means to enhance success.

Your outdoors environment is your laboratory for play and research. Experiment with hybrid plants; build a swing chair that looks out on your garden. Primroses, orchid and tulips may be among your favorite flowers.

Your special magic numbers are: 8 and 2.

The fourteenth day of the third month reduces to eight, and the number eight embodies the recurring nature of reality.

You have an inborn rhythm, just like the seasons of the year as they progress from planting through to the harvest.

You enjoy an exceptional capacity for cultivation. Itís as if you are able to coax the growth of an exquisite from out of an area of parched barren land or sand.

You also have a particular flair for attracting exactly what you might need, and to do so just at the time when you need it. This is a quality that often can prove somewhat amazing to your friends.

The seventy-fourth day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the fluid realm of the combined unconscious to the inventory that you can easily draw upon when conjuring up beauty in your life.

Imagine or take an actual trip to an uninhabited island and imagine how you would transform your deserted island into a tropical paradise through your own ingenuity.

Feel the sand in your toes, taste the salt air, hear the cry of the gulls, and conceive the possibilities.

Aquamarine and amber are materials that will help fire your imagination.