March 13 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Jupiter, Mars.

The Astrological interpretation

To call a March 13 Pisces dynamic would he a serious under statement, as they literally never stop.

There are times when they-even need to force themselves to slow down in order to gain some much needed sleep.

Formation, structure, purposefulness, and dedication are the particular key words that characterize this birth date of March 13.

You are a person with a considerable number of talents and abilities, and there are times when you tend to lose sight of your goal as you become pulled about into various directions at the same time.

It is important therefore that you gain a distinctive sense of self-discipline in order that you can concentrate your energies when and where they are needed.

You have to realize as to when to do away with those activities and relationships that no longer serve your highest interests.

To achieve this you will require spending some time alone in a quite place in order to relax, contemplate and organize your thoughts.

The fixed star Markab may be located on some March 13 birthday, and this star positioned in the constellation of Pegasu, was thought to bring not only honors but also, a potential of danger from fire.

The March 13 does have a fiery nature however it does not so to the extent of being dangerous.

The March 13 fire manifests itself in the form of inspirational, far-reaching and at times perhaps some revolutionary ideas.

You can easily envisage life existing on other planets and will probably find science fiction readings of considerable interest.

On a more solid plane the March 13 Pisces should pay more attention to what is required to maintain life on earth and what is essential for the imagination.

There are many folk who hold the belief that they have a particular number that is lucky for them.

In your case the number 12 is undoubtedly a significant number in the occult terms and, you could perhaps attract good fortune by using patterns that involve groups of twelve in your office layout.

In your home, you can utilize the number 12 in the form of a candleholder candelabra or, four candle stands each with three candleholders to position around the four corners of your main room.

March 13 should take long comfortable soaks in the tub. Try, some seashell-shaped soaps and, some bath salts with lavender will provide an evocative scent for you. A nice touch to your bathroom would be some African violets.

In your bedroom look to a color décor that will relax you and encourage you to drift off – for the values of this day of March 13 an ideal color scheme would be pale blue mixed with pale green and cream.

As a March 13 you have a very strong attraction to the water and in particular, you are drawn to the sea.

If it is at all possible that you can live near the sea and can do so close by to a dramatic ocean with rocky beaches, then it is unlikely that you will ever want to move away. Think about trying your hand at deep-sea fishing.

In your outdoor environment March 13 should have access to a telescope so that you can view the wonders of the heavens.

A garden incorporating circular designs in a form where you can walk around to the center would be and excellent meditation activity for you.

Outside of you home garden base environment, the beach and sea will provide you with a guaranteed revitalization arena.

Your special magic numbers are: 7 and 10.

The thirteenth day of the third month reduces to seven, and the number seven relates to victory and rest, a momentary cessation of activity.

During this phase of tranquility, this date of March 13 carries with it an extreme sensitivity.

You are generally aware of signals, influences, and messages from the realms of the unseen and, as a child you may have seen fairies, had invisible playmates, or had dreams of deceased relatives.

You should avoid any involvement with crystal balls or psychic games.

The seventy-third day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten adds the influence of the certainty that we begin each cycle at a new level.

You must learn to know exactly what you want in order that you can receive it. Set out what you want, and then put yourself in a position to receive it. What is your desire? What is your preparation?

Acquire Emerald or Sodalite pieces as these will help to keep you grounded.