March 11 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Moon. Mars

The Astrological Interpretation

The March 11 Pisces birthday is a birth date that endows a person with intuition and a deep urge for spiritual or philosophical awareness.

You have an inherent internal calling that will often pull at you with the result that it is difficult for you to give your full concentration and attention to the demands of your outer life.

At the very least, you know that there is far more to life to be explored.

You are a person who loves life and tends to automatically spread your feelings to those with whom you make contact.

As a March 11 you experience an ardent need to be in contact and to associate with others of similar mind-frames and interests.

You desire to know that you are not alone in your need to grow and develop and in this respect you could find that the Internet will provide a very helpful and valuable tool in your search.

It is important for the March 11 to endeavor to balance your ideals and aspirations with those of practical work and consistent efforts.

If you cannot accomplish this then your “otherworldliness” will distract you and keep you from paying attention to the responsibilities at hand.

Your sensitivity needs to be well grounded so that you can bring your personal vision and truth down to earth.

You were born to balance your emotions and intellect. Like the two Piscean fish, sometimes mind and feelings swim in opposite directions.

A lighthouse with a clear beam shining through a fog is an excellent image for you.

There are aspects of this day of March 11 that connect to the planet Jupiter and fortunately, in its most beneficial aspect.

As a March 11 Pisces you might find that you tend to win lotteries or prizes more often than the average person. Try carrying a small square made of tin in your pocket or handbag as this can add to your good fortunes.

With the influence of the planet Jupiter, together with other compassionate aspects of this day, provides for strong indicators for a great love of children and the importance you place on being able to look after others.

To satisfy your protective and nurturing instincts you might have a pet of some kind. An affectionate breed of dog could be well suited to your temperament, especially if it’s a faithful and intelligent animal.

In your home scenario you should consider curved type furniture and some round furniture pieces – as example a Victorian hassock upholstered in burgundy velvet could be a shape to provide you great pleasure.

Surround yourself with living things, as you will love to feel their positive energy. Utilize plenty of brightly colored potted plants within your home environment.

In you outdoor scenario, the March 11 should combine luxury in tandem with nature.

The utilization of some comfortable outdoor chairs with an umbrella table on which to enjoy outdoor meals, creates the effect of an extra outdoors room for your home than can be utilized during the good weather.

A statue of an angel blowing a trumpet for example may serve to remind you that you have a message to communicate in life.

To help keep your feelings in synchronization, keep a piece of the clear quartz mineral about you.

Another object of power and influence for the March 11 is that of a crescent moon painting or sculpture.

Boxes, pillows, and other objects in the shape of the crescent moon could be attractive pieces for your home.

Your special magic numbers are: 5 and 8.

The eleventh day of the third month reduces to five, and the number five is the number that embodies the principle of change and adaptation.

The number five is the methodology or agency of accomplishment.

Nothing in life acts or exists in a vacuum and this date of March 11 is a path of integrating the apparently diverse and unrelated threads of your life into a pattern and design that is yours, and yours alone. What are your talents? Where is your contribution to the whole?

The seventy-first day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight provides the quality of natural rhythm, the give-and-take, to the occurrence of change.

Try ballroom dancing lessons or enroll in a martial arts class. Undertake a journey of self-discovery with no holds barred.

Treat yourself a dozen yellow roses. Obtain some aqua-green Amazonite and/or Heliodor stone, as these will stimulate your creativity.