March 10 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Moon, Jupiter

An Astrological Interpretation

As a March 10 Pisces birth date you will have a strong sense of tradition and history and, as result your avenues of study may center strongly upon the past.

The areas of art or architecture, archaeology, or anthropology may be of great appeal for you.

Fundamentally as a March 10 you are a very sentimental person and one whose memories are always triggered by memories of some very special action, activity or occasion such as a special song, a favorite food dish or particular dance music.

People born on this day of March 10 are well known to be both hard working folk who also tend to be very trusted employees.

You are however, very good at hiding your “light under a bushel” so you must learn how to make your talents and achievements visible to those around you.

This will obviously take a degree of confidence, so in order to give some impulse to your self confidence try keeping something in orange or crimson near you at all times.

As a March 10 there is a strong likelihood that you may wish to travel to some of the less technologically developed parts of the world.

This preference will be due to you personal liking for the simple life and one in which a walk in nature is a daily event and where the quiet of a rural and less hectic existence is readily available.

Such situations are still possible, but they are most often found within your own inner silence.

So, try to take the time each day to respect your personal need for solitude and stillness. You may discover such silence within a spiritually stimulating book or in the romantic meanderings of certain novels.

Many people born on this day of March 10 will be attracted to the practice of meditation in the forms of Tai Chi, or yoga.

Change is the order of this day of March 10, although, due to the connections to values that represent the essential changelessness of the universe, you are not someone who is enormously comfortable with change.

Try wearing or carrying a mother-of-pearl piece or object in your pocket as it will improve your ability to embrace and adapt to swiftly moving circumstances.

A well-set table in a warm home brings forth the feeling of completion, comfort and sharing to the March 10.

A small sun porch with plants and prisms that catch the light give an encircled feel to the space.

A personal room or basement where you can listen to more traditional waltz type music will appeal to March 10 and be a place in which you can recharge your batteries.

Unlike the majority of folk who look forward to the summer with the chance to catch a suntan on the beach, the March 10 may well prefer the colder months of winter.

In the event that you do not live in climate that has a winter season, then have a reminder around your home in the form of pictures of snow-capped mountain scenery for example.

Seascapes and/or watercolors in swirling patterns are perfect wall hangings for this imaginative sign of March 10.

The bedroom is your cocoon, and a brass bed gives you a feeling of solidity as you dream.

Comfortable shoes are essential for you. You may have a pair of pale pink or lavender ballet shoes hanging on your wall as a memory and/or decoration. They could remind you that there is no better way to relax than to dance or move to the rhythm of music.

To accommodate the water association with your sign of Pisces create an oasis in the garden with a small pool or musical garden fountain.

Take a stroll in the park or in woods alongside a meandering stream. Keep a glass of water on your desk at work; it is both calming, and handy if you get thirsty.

Your special magic numbers are: 4 and 7.

The tenth day of the third month reduces to four, and the number four signifies order.

There is something solid, stable, and predictable about the number four like the assurance of all being right with the world, or like the fact that the sun will always rise each morning.

This course of this day requires your acceptance that no matter how many changes you may experience in your life, you will always know there is a reality behind appearances, a reality that never alters.

The seventieth day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides the quality of victory and rest after labor.

Don’t take familiar blessings for granted. If you reside in a city then try to spend time in the country and take in the sounds, smells and activities.

Hear the farm animals that wake before dawn each day or, if you are adventurous try milking a cow; smell the warm milk as it splatters against the bottom of the bucket. Try fresh eggs, milk, butter, and apple juice.