March 1 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Pisces

SYMBOL: Two Fishes


YOUR RULERS – Neptune, Moon, Venus

The Astro1ogical Interpretation

The March 1 Pisces is a sympathetic listener and you are very responsive to people, and to causes that need your aid, assistance, advice and counsel.

While by nature you show an open heart, it is necessary however, that you transpose your sympathetic support by way of practical realities.

The March 1 birth date is an idealistic person, so that your dreams will remain dreams until you take the necessary action to solidify them into reality.

This will necessitate you obtaining the required training in order to participate in some group effort or organization that operates in support of the causes or activities that you believe in and, in which you wish to participate.

March 1 Pisces is very romantic in their personal relationships and, at times you will prefer not to hear the real truth or to see, or identify the deeper realities and/or negatives in respect of the people you love.

You must remember, that it is only by asking the right questions and being prepared to hear the real factual answers, that you can be in any position in which to help either your self or the other people involved in your life.

March 1 Pisces has a fairly busy social life and they enjoy the hustle and bustle of taking an active role in the world.

While most people tend to have a circle of friends who all have particular factors in common, the March 1 Pisces tends to get on very well with all manner of people.

The March 1 birth date is a seeker of spiritual harmony and will often roam the world in this quest. Try keeping a piece of rose quartz about you on your journeys.

Your clothing should be casual and comfortable and, in particular your shoes since you are likely to do a lot of walking during your life- time.

Walking the dog, if you have one, is good excuse and a good time to allow you to think and contemplate.

On the home front an aquarium full of goldfish will provide a focus for you to contact your spiritual center and to discover creative solutions to your everyday problems.

Some form of hideaway, a basement, attic or some other special small room will be an excellent place for you to retire to renew your energies.

An ideal glassware piece for you keep on display in a cabinet would be a crystal punch bowl.

It is an item that you will have plenty of opportunity to use, and in addition, it will enhance the sense of friendship and conviviality in your life.

On the outdoors scenario you feel good and comfortable in forest environments where there are running waters such as streams, waterfalls, creeks and rivers.

Your March 1 nature is associated with the concepts of fertility, growth and plenty, therefore anything that you may plant, be it flowers, vegetables or fruit trees, should grow successfully and yield an excellent crop.

Consider growing some fruit trees in your garden, and in the flower arena, Daffodils, Daisies and Snowdrops are flowers that will appeal to your nature.

Your special magic numbers are: 4 and 7

The first day of the third month reduces to four, and the meaning behind the number four relates to order, reason, and rule.

The path of this day of March 1 associates with matters of authority and the power that accompanies position.

Tradition is important to you and you take relish in the pomp, pageantry and in circumstances that emanate from occasions such as coronations and inaugurations. Indulge yourself in clothing that will remind you of pageantry.

The fragrance of candles and incense will inspire you and Jade is a gem that will stabilize you.

The sixty-first day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven contributes the quality of victory and accomplishment to your endeavors.