Magic symbols: black pearls – Protection Talisman and amulet


Pearls are a gem known to have magical powers. The pearl symbolizes wisdom gained through experience. The layers in the pearl accumulate like the layers of an onion, creating concentric circles. The more layers are formed, the larger the pearl becomes. Black pearls as an amulet, talisman or talisman will help you learn from each life experience, and it will make you wiser and stronger.

Magic symbols:

  • Color:  black.
  • Associated Crystals: Black Opal and Iridescent Obsidian.
  • Candle color: silver.
  • Chakra: sacral.
  • Element: Water.
  • Flowers and plants: iris and jasmine.
  • Herbs – Incense – Oils: Ambergris, Lemon Balm.
  • Planet: Moon.
  • Zodiac: Scorpio.

Black pearl – amulet and talisman: magical properties

  • Animals: Black pearls are not suitable for use with animals.
  • Children: It helps children heal their grief and is also beneficial for children who are first faced with the world.
  • Finance and Prosperity: Black pearls are a talisman for abundance, luck and prosperity.
  • Health and Healing: Black pearls can help control mood swings during and after menopause. Helps clear infection in the chest and lungs.
  • Home: Black pearls can help bring abundance to your home.
  • Protection: Black pearls are a talisman and an accident protection charm for business owners.
  • Psychics: It is well suited for women looking for astral travel, wisdom transmission or clairvoyance by candlelight.
  • Ritual: Use Black Pearls to convey Crona’s wisdom.
  • Job: Black pearls as an amulet or talisman will help your business thrive.

Black pearls are a talisman and a talisman against negative influences

Since ancient times, black pearls have been considered a special amulet and talisman to avoid ill will. It was believed that due to its magical properties, it could prevent negative effects on its owner. This gem will protect your luck so that it will continue to accompany you in life. The power of the Black Pearl talisman is stronger than the normal White Pearl.

Pearls come from the aquatic environment and this contributes to its metaphysical properties. Water is known as a purifier. The thought immediately arises that when you wear pearls, you cleanse yourself. Many would agree with this. Hindu culture claims that Krishna found the first pearl and presented it to his daughter on his wedding day as a magical symbol of love and purity.

Black pearls are the rarest color of pearls, and the higher the luster of a pearl, the more valuable it becomes. In mythology, they are associated with wealth and prosperity and are said to bring good luck and abundance as an amulet and talisman. It is believed that Black Pearls can be used as a talisman against workplace accidents and can help businesses thrive as a talisman.

When a woman wears pearls, she gains a sense of confidence and extra energy in her stride, even when she goes to work or just shopping or walking around town. This may be due to the belief that black pearls also have medicinal properties.

Wearing pearls is said to calm your temperament and demeanor, and also allows you to see life’s obstacles from an optimistic point of view. All pearls are said to be in harmony with women, especially pregnant women. If a woman is incredibly emotional or negative, then when wearing a pearl, the negative energy is absorbed by the pearl.

Medically speaking, thanks to the medicinal properties of black pearls, it can relieve digestive problems, hormonal problems, migraines, exhaustion, and may even help reduce allergies. Drinking pearl water is believed to balance hormone levels, and simply wearing a pearl necklace can cure aching head pain. Pearls are considered a powerful remedy for allergies.

Pearls can be beneficial for people who suffer from lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, and tuberculosis. It can help with healing in the liver, urinary system, kidneys, and heart.

Black Pearl – talisman and amulet for love and relationships

Pearls will bring the energy of love into your relationship.

  • As a talisman or talisman, black pearls will enhance the love that is already there and give you the love you are looking for if you are single.
  • It is a stone that will strengthen relationships. This will improve your relationship with each other.
  • If you use black pearls as an amulet or talisman, then keep your heart open and your aura pure and love will knock on your door when you least expect it.
  • Pearls will make you a more reliable partner and you will have a more loyal and trusting relationship. As an amulet, it helps to maintain balance and harmony in your emotions.
  • It is a stone that will help you connect with the Goddess, who is the source of the highest feminine energy, and will also enhance feelings of goodwill and positiveness.
  • Black pearls will calm your emotions and improve your understanding that everything will be fine, no matter how crazy or uncertain your relationship is right now.
  • Pearls help you see positive things about yourself, your partner, and your relationship.
  • It will strengthen your emotions if you are experiencing love trials, or when you are not sure which direction you want to take.
  • This stone will help you in your search for truth and supreme wisdom. It will provide you with a sense of security and stability in love and an emotional shelter from emotional storms.

You can use black pearls in combination with other amulets, talismans or charms to cleanse and enhance their healing properties. Pearls used in combination with other amulets will draw negative energy out of them. Its magical powers can help the wearer overcome difficult problems in their life. If you are looking for protection from negative energies, or you have a goal that you are trying to achieve, or an illness that you are trying to overcome, black pearls can be very beneficial for you.

Using the medicinal properties of Black Pearls for centuries

As you already know, Black Pearl is not only a beautiful stone! In fact, its medicinal properties have been used in medicine for centuries.

The earliest account of this came from two different 13th century sources. German monk Albertus Magnus stated that black pearls can heal mental illness, hemorrhage and dysentery.

The King of Castile, Alfonso the Studied, believed that pearls purify the blood as a medicine, and recommended it to combat depression or any ailments caused by sadness or timidity.

Pearls dissolve in vinegar

In the 17th century, an elixir called Aqua Perlata was recommended to restore strength and fight fever. The scientist argued that black pearls are strong enough to “revive the dead.” This medicine contained pearls dissolved in vinegar (or lemon juice).

After the pearls had dissolved, fresh lemon juice was added, then the mixture was decanted into a new container, to which were added some strawberries, rose water, cinnamon water and borage flowers. It was sweetened with sugar as needed. When drinking Aqua Perlata, it was recommended to cover the top of the glass to prevent any liquid from leaking.

  • A substance called Gascoigne Powder was used in the 19th century. Its chemical composition changed several times, but usually pearls, crab eyes and corals were required for this.
  • One legend says that placing a pearl in the navel can cure indigestion.
  • Mikimoto himself, a person accredited to create the pearl culture process, ate two pearls a day for good health.

But are all these “pearls as medicine” really that crazy? In fact, pearls contain many amino acids, proteins and calcium. Decoctions such as Aqua Perlata were likely to have a healing effect due to the high content of vitamin C in the juice and calcium in pearls. And as for the theory of Alfonso Learned that pearls can fight sadness – yes, pearls undoubtedly make us happy!

Even today, pearls are still used in modern medicine. Although not common in the Western world, countries such as China, India and Japan have used pearls for medicinal purposes for many years and continue to do so. Pearls that are inferior to gemstone quality are usually ground and used as pharmaceutical calcium powder.

Pearl powder is very common in Chinese medicine. Ground pearls are used as a skin treatment to heal acne, reduce signs of aging and even a complexion.

It is also approved by Chinese medicine for internal use, where the benefit is said to be that it strengthens the immune system.

By preventing disease, it promotes tissue regeneration, improves vision, stops seizures and calms the mind.