The sixth card in the Major Arcana deck is the lover’s card.  This is the first card that is not centered around a figure and has two people instead of one.  There is a meaning about relationships with this card.  This is a card that you will want to draw if you are looking for love or you want to be in a relationship.  If you are hoping to deeply love someone, you will want to have this card.  It will teach you to be complete with other people.

The Lover’s card will show you that you can understand love and that there can be harmony and peace in your life.


Past position puts the lover in a place where it is grounded with the present and future in from your past relationship.  This will mean that you have a relationship with someone from the opposite sex and that you might want to change who you are with for a while.  If you are single, you need to have a better bond with your parents, or a close friend.


In the present position, the Lover’s know that you are growing together.  There is a good balance between the two of you and if you are fighting with your spouse at this time, you need to think about it from their perspective.  In relationships that are very serious, think about what you can do to make things happen that will bring you peace.


Lovers will look into the future and if you are single, you will see that things will get better.  Don’t get upset when things are not fast and be patient.


The lover will teach you to work hard and you should listen to your head and to your heart.  If you want to have a better job, you might find it but know that there is no mix with love and work.  If you want to listen to the heart, know that when you take a new position or job.


Romance and the Lover’s card work together.  You might be in the best position to find love.  Be ready for this to happen.


The friendship that you have will be like your love life.  You will go places with people that you love and you will have best friends that want to spend time with you but things might be hard for a while.


When you look at money, things are going to be good but make sure that you check the receipts that you turn in and that you are sure that you do not make mistakes or make bad purchases.  Do not get distracted and do not take risks with the money that you have.


You might not feel well but the Lover might have a cure for you.  If you are lonely or sad, you will get caught up in things and think upon your problems.  Help to keep your life calm and do not get upset about things.  Record your workouts and make sure that you pay attention to your health and your life.  Do not overdo things or you might get sick.


If you are talking about your mind, it could be that you will have a double mind at this time.  You will always second guess what you are doing and not believe in yourself.  Think about the things that you are worried about and question how you will feel about them in a year or two.


The Lover’s card looks like Adam and Eve and there is a snake.  The figures are symbols of mythology.


When you look at the Lover’s in reverse, it shows that you do not have balance in your relationship.  Things are all related to each other and your emotional and spiritual self are connected as well.  Notice when you are not connecting to others and find out why you have no balance.


  • Relationship
  • Choices
  • Harmony
  • Friendship
  • Lover


The Lovers’ are the air element.


The Lover’s are associated with Mercury

Answer to the Question?

The answer is a definite yes answer.



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