We all desire to live a life with full abundance, but this is a gift from the Creator when we really feel we deserve it. If you think about abundance, you will feel your life is fruitful; just like if you think about shortage, your life will be full of lacking things; it will depend which thought you have in your mind.

Because of diverse circumstances, we all go through some shortages during life, and what you will never could denied is that those situations will be full of abundance, because covering abundance is not gathering a large amount of money, abundance is beyond economic aspects. You can growth abundance in personal, emotional, spiritual aspects so you count with a peaceful being.

Living a full and healthy life is abundance itself; the gifts you receive from the Creator are the blessing you have to accept with devotion, is a divine law that you receive them because of your actions.

There are some people that are perfectly mean to be light channels, to connect with luminous beings, and not be aware the gift they have. One way or the other, we are channels, because we are linked to the divine source of universal light and wisdom which we show it as an essence in the physical level.

What a person manifests in life, it channels it transforming it into a positive or negative essence, therefore, that whole light irradiated by the demonstrations it will be our interior light. The human being is flexible, so it has mobility, knowing when to walk, run, jump, stop or stand up; it means moving through the rhythm of life.

These facts implicate some changes without losing focus. All things that surround us are part of what we cannel, channeling would be similar to human capacity, natural and spontaneous. When you channel something in a positive or negative way, it means that you accepted it, that you approved it.

In these situations is important to have frequency, conscious, thoughts, emotions and all that makes you shake. We attract what we think in life, if you have positive thoughts you will have a positive life, and if you feel the contrary, you will attract negative things.

Everything we desire in life has its Price, and perhaps what we want will not get as we imagined, avoiding the dream to come true. To affirm abundance is penetrating into universal prosperity channel, try to use them in the right way and you will be successful. Invoke abundance for the rest of people as you will invoke abundance for yourself.

If you think about good things, you will immediately stop thinking about the bad ones, wrapping happiness. Abundance transforms people, Connect yourself to your channel!