Lilith in the 9th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

In such a position of the planet, a person in little things, but constantly violates ethics. If the planet isn’t hit, he gets away with it. Suspects in others even more serious flaws. Expands his consciousness through occult, hidden sources. Someone from distant relatives (on the female side) was engaged in magic, witchcraft. Being abroad, when faced with foreign cultures, a person can fall into a state of psychosis, uncontrollability.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

Promises misfortune in a foreign land; the person will be persecuted. Enemies from afar will prepare blows for you. In this case, Lilith is an indicator of emigration followed by nostalgia. Spiritual crimes. Betrayal of a teacher or teaching.

Milova I.I.Lilith in the houses of the horoscope

The Black Moon in the ninth house is often found in the cards of people who are free in their philosophical, worldview, religious, social views. They can use this gift for the good of society, or they can use it selfishly and to harm. They are teachers, not constrained by the framework of everyday life and the narrowness of human perception, they go further. The world shows them its wrong side, in the learning process and associated with learning, on travel, when trying to express their views and let them into the masses. A person is faced, perhaps, with a wall of misunderstanding, criticism, absurdity, lack of support and attention, etc. What remains for him? To abandon everything and continue to go with the flow or, without giving up, fight? Extreme manifestations – fear of actively expressing your ideas, traveling, getting involved in the educational and training process, or excessive, fanatical confidence in your own ideas, worldviews, a hindsight to travel, unshakable the confidence to optimize your life through an ongoing learning process for everything.

Galina Volzhina. Black Moon in houses

The axis of the third and ninth houses symbolizes the form of interaction between objective and imaginative thinking, practical mind and worldview. In the ninth house, the qualities distorted by the Black Moon are manifested in a person’s worldview, his system of ideas about the world, attitude to religion and faith. The Black Moon affects generalization, social and spiritual orientations, higher education, connections with foreigners and travel. If the Black Moon is in the ninth house and the distortions caused by it are active, a person is intolerant of a different worldview and is inclined to impose his ideas on others, considering them the only true ones. Often he imagines himself to be the bearer of a great idea, called upon to spread it. The Black Moon introduces extremism into views, turns conviction into fanaticism. If the distortions caused by its action are passive, a person becomes suggestible, his worldview is dictated by society or generally recognized authorities. Lacking his own convictions, he can faithfully serve ideas inspired from the outside and consider them undeniable. The Black Moon makes it difficult to get out of the circle of false ideas about the world and find the path leading to objective knowledge of the truth. In the ninth house, the Black Moon can over-activate the activity of the abstract mind, and a person almost loses the ability to concretize concepts. In the opposite case, the Black Moon blocks the ability for imaginative thinking, which causes a sharp preponderance of the logical. In both cases, harmonious mental activity is disturbed. Often, the Black Moon makes it difficult to get higher education or predetermines its nature. It draws the person into circumstances in which the distortions caused by its influence are manifested with maximum force. In the ninth house, it can be travel, unexpected connections with foreigners, participation in religious and philosophical societies.



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